We are pleased to announce that the Capterra and Software Advise customer reviews of Zontec technical support reveal a five-star customer rating. 

Zontec Technical Service

Zontec technical service help desk is here to help you maximize the features in Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000 and Synergy 3000

This achievement is a result of the care Zontec takes during software development to make sure our products are reliable and robust along with our commitment to superior technical support for the high-performance features found in Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000 and Synergy 3000 SPC software products. We are committed to help you achieve continuous quality improvement and, ultimately, quality leadership. We respectfully share some customer quotes highlighting our outstanding technical and customer support.

“The rare times we have had any issues, customer service is very prompt in their responses and are great at working with us to resolve the problems.”

“Customer support has been excellent with new additions and helping understand the product”

“Superb customer service and technical assistance”

“The customer support is superior. They follow-up with the customer to make sure that all the needs are being met, and are always available when questions arise.”

“Zontec personnel go out of their way to ensure they know your application of the product and are available at the drop of a hat when assistance is needed. I never talk to a computer. I am always in direct contact with personnel who truly know the product and how it works. I can’t say enough good things!”

“Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful even after you leave the classroom.”

“Customer service is very quick to respond when I have questions.”

“It is a great experience because they provide all the support you need to make it work.”

What can customers expect from Zontec Technical Support?

Zontec SPC Software SupportWe help you with technical tips so you can master all the high-performance software features that are designed into our easy-to-use SPC software. If you have questions or are facing a unique situation, we are here to help. Our technical support team has experience in manufacturing, engineering, computer science and more to allow them to provide expert assistance. Unlimited Zontec customer and technical support is available to all maintenance agreement customers.

Customers with maintenance agreements automatically receive upgrades and never have to wonder if their software is running the current version. We are here to help, but you can be assured that Zontec upgrades are robust and don’t require much, if any, post release support. Our time-tested, SynergySPC software is stable, reliable and bug-free. You will enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from quality software backed by excellent support.

Effortless technical and customer support will always be part of our commitment to ease-of-use. With Zontec, you will not have to search through a large knowledge base to find answers to your questions. You also don’t have to fill-out an online ticket hoping you hear back from someone. We are just a phone call or email away when you need a technical tip or specific knowledge about SynergySPC software.

Zontec cares about your SPC software experience

Zontec strives to provide high-performance SynergySPC software along with effortless technical support to deliver an unequaled user experience for our customers. Along with superior technical support, our stable, bug-free SPC software products allow our customers to quickly use all SynergySPC software features to boost shop floor productivity and quality team visibility into the manufacturing process. The Zontec combination of software and support improves process stability and capability to achieve a high level of productivity and return on investment.

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