Zontec is unique in the industry by offering a full suite of products to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. Zontec software is created, tested, documented and totally supported within the company without outsourcing. Zontec software has been adopted worldwide by more than 5,000 companies, spanning virtually every industrial category.


Checking Your SPC Software’s Background

It’s important to know exactly who is providing your SPC software and what their experience is.

Checking Your SPC Software's Background

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When considering the importance of compliant SPC software and adhering to SPC methodology and rules we thought we’d provide something actionable if you have been considering implementing or improving SPC.  To that point, it’s clear that you have to feel that your SPC software is supported by an expert, seasoned, and credible team. Read more

Why SPC Software Validation?

For those industries regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) such as food, drugs, biologics, medical devices, electronic products that give off radiation, cosmetics, veterinary products and tobacco products, software validation is a requirement. The FDA has created specific guidelines related to software validation for health and security related issues. The FDA’s General Principles of Software Validation state:

“Software validation can also reduce long term costs by making it easier and less costly to reliably modify software and revalidate software changes. Software maintenance can represent a very large percentage of the total cost of software over its entire life cycle. An established comprehensive software validation process helps to reduce the long-term cost of software by reducing the cost of validation for each subsequent release of the software.” (Source: FDA website)

Thankfully, Zontec has created an SPC Software Validation Service for customers that must abide by these regulatory standards. Read more

Zontec Offers New SPC Software Validation Service

Synergy Software Validation User Acceptance Testing Protocol.

Synergy Software Validation

Cincinnati, OH—May 7, 2013 —Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced a new Synergy SPC software validation service to its customers.

“This package will be invaluable to our customers and prospects regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11,” said Zontec President Warren Ha. “We developed this service to aid companies in the food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and other industries to meet the required regulations.”

The Zontec Validation Package includes a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Protocol template, and a UAT Report template to meet the regulatory requirements for electronic recordkeeping and electronic signatures. The key components of the UAT Protocol template consist of the requirements, specification of the system configuration and security, and test cases that demonstrate correct system operation.

“This service provides customers with two options: we provide customers the materials necessary to perform their own software validation or we perform it for them,” noted Ha.

Benefits of using Zontec’s Software Validation Package:

  • e-records are less expensive and more accessible than paper records
  • e-signatures are much more secure than handwritten signatures
  • Personnel time saved from developing validation materials
  • Proven SPC software materials that meet regulatory standards
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements causes increased productivity
  • Cost of compliance is low compared to recalls, penalties and fines

Zontec Releases Synergy 3000 Version 4.0 SPC Software to Provide Global, Real-time Access to Quality Data Across Manufacturers’ Supply Chain

Cost of Analysis Report in SynergySPC 3000 SPC Cloud Software.

Cost of Analysis Report in the Zontec SynergySPC 3000 v 4.0 SPC Cloud Software.

Cincinnati, OH—March 18, 2013 —Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced a SPC cloud software update to the Synergy 3000™ for its customers worldwide.

“These new capabilities provide manufacturers a comprehensive view of their SPC data from their global supply chain,” said Zontec President Warren Ha. “Because the Synergy 3000 version 4.0 is built on cloud computing, customers instantly access quality business intelligence data about all their facilities and suppliers regardless of location, on the device of their choice.”

Zontec is consistently releasing innovative capabilities for its product line so that users at all levels can increase productivity, reduce product defects, boost production rates, effectively manage production assets, and contribute to the ongoing profitability of the business.

Our customers are pleased with the new enhancements as well.

“We recently upgraded to the Synergy 3000, and I really like the new capabilities in version 4.0,” said Tim Stutzman, System Analyst for Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. “The new alert for operators when a check is due will be very helpful. The keypad feature provides us flexibility for the future. I also think that the customizable Cost of Analysis Report will be beneficial for the business.”

Here is a brief highlight of some of the new cutting-edge features:

  • A Cost of Analysis Report to determine which process is incurring the greatest cost
  • An automatic Certificate of Analysis Report which includes setup, view and run features
  • Three Chart option to display Xbar, Moving Range, and Range Chart
  • Ability to view control limits, specification limits and notes all from one view
  • On screen numeric key pad option for data input without a keyboard

Zontec Releases Synergy 2000 Multi-Function Toolbox Version 2.0 to Make Data Automation Seamless Regardless of Equipment

Synergy 2000 SPC software Multi-Function Toolbox Diagram.

Synergy 2000 Multi-Function Toolbox

Cincinnati, OH—November 1, 2012 —Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced an update to its Synergy 2000™ Multi-function Toolbox for its customers worldwide.

“We believe that data automation should be transparent to the customer,” said Zontec President Warren Ha. “Because each customer’s needs are unique we designed the Multi-function Toolbox to be flexible.”

The Multi-function Toolbox automatically collects data in real-time from PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines) and similar plant hardware. The Multi-function Toolbox also enables companies to seamlessly transfer legacy data from other applications or databases, integrate data from manufacturing applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Laboratory Management Systems (LIMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems as well as serve as a communication bridge between (Open Platform Connectivity) OPC servers and the Synergy 2000 OPC client.

“For those in the automotive industry, the Multi-function Toolbox also supports the AIAG Quality Measurement Data (QMD) specification as an open exchange format into Synergy 2000 from standard gaging devices,” noted Ha.

Our customers are anticipating the new enhancements as well.

“We are excited about the release of version 2.0 of the Synergy 2000 Multi-function Toolbox,” said Cary Williams, Process Leader for Amantea Nonwovens LLC. “The Synergy 2000 Multi-function Toolbox has made it easier for us to look at our data over time. It has facilitated our continuous process improvement efforts.”

Here is a brief highlight of some of the new cutting-edge features:

  • Ability to connect to multiple OPC Servers
  • Save selected tags as a group in OPC client
  • Import data from any database through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Setup data transfers for multipleComma-separated values (CSV) files
  • Updated to latest version of Microsoft Net 4.0