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Statistical Thinking vs. Engineering Thinking

Statistical Thinking vs. Engineering Thinking

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In continuing our series of core concepts of quality and statistical process control we shift our focus today to consider statistical thinking vs. engineering thinking.

If you are just joining this series, we previously learned what the word quality means and that it is subjective. We discovered how the customer’s definition of quality, can be simplified and how that definition may not always intuitively influence the the customer’s buying choice.  The previous entry addressed variance.

Engineers have it made. In the world of engineering, the formulas are precise and definitive. When products are designed, the dimensions are exact, the calculations are accurate, and the resulting characteristics are known.

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How Does Your Customer (Not You) Define Quality?


[This content is from Zontec’s The Book of Statistical Process Control.  You can download a free copy here.]

In a separate post on quality itself, we defined quality.  This is not an easy task since quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We identified five points we can all agree on that equate to quality.  More important than this though is how your customer (not you) defines quality. When it comes to quality, your customer is concerned with three different areas: design quality, manufacturing quality, and performance quality.


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Design Quality

Design Quality is the intended shape, size, color and function of the product. The designer must assess the needs of the customer and select characteristic values that will create the greatest customer satisfaction. 

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality is how well the product meets the design. It is this type of quality that is the main subject of our free e-Book, The Book of Statistical Process Control. The better the manufacturing quality is, the better the product quality will be. And if this type of quality is good, product quality will be more consistent. Keep in mind, however, that while improving manufacturing will improve a product to a certain extent, it will never improve a poor design.

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What is Quality? Quality Defined

What is Quality?

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In the 35+ years since our founding, we’ve detailed the concepts of quality and SPC to a great degree. However, it’s important from time to time to remind ourselves just what is quality and why is it important.

Before we can control quality, we need to understand what the word “quality” means. Quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Each of us judges the quality of many items every day, and we each have a different idea about what quality is for each item. We know what we like or what we want, and what we don’t like or want. How we determine the quality of an item depends on both our personal preference and our frame of reference for that particular item. Read more

Manufacturers Need Real-Time SPC Data Throughout Their Supply Chain Globally

Using Synergy SPC Software To Enhance Your Supply Chain Quality Management.To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that allows you to connect all parts of your supply chain. Synergy offers a competitive global infrastructure that provides instant access to real-time SPC data across the globe.


As corporations with suppliers and remote locations worldwide, you need real-time suppliers’ SPC data before it comes to your production facility. Because of the complexity of today’s products, production facilities also need to ensure that the product you are shipping to sister locations is within specification. Without this real-time SPC data, corporations can incur losses caused by wasted production time, time and shipping costs related to replacement parts, and penalties incurred by delays to customers. Manufacturers need a viable SPC solution that can be easily administered and equip suppliers via the Web regardless of location. Read more

Synergy Software Useful for All Quality Initiatives

How Synergy SPC Software Enables a Successful Six Sigma DMAIC Deployment

Interested in how Synergy software can assist you in your Quality initiatives? Click on the image above to learn more.

Regardless of what Quality initiative (Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Process of Improvement or any company-wide quality initiatives) your companies can use Synergy SPC software to serve as a baseline for your SPC data today, enable users access to SPC data to prevent defects, monitor your ongoing progress, and be your historical repository for regulatory and customer audits. Read more