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3 Key Benefits of High-Performance SPC for Quality Engineers

By Leah Pickett

Quality engineers use statistical process control (SPC) to eliminate process variation and ensure that final products meet customer expectations. Their job includes rooting out problems during production and ideally preventing issues before products become rejects.

Automatic Data Collection

When Jeff King began his career in the late 1990s, he used pencils and paper to manually plot data on run charts and plug it into Excel spreadsheets. “It was very labor-intensive and very cumbersome,” King recalls. “Easy to make mistakes, easy not to catch mistakes once they were made.”

Today, King is the quality assurance engineer at Fischbach USA in Elizabethtown, KY, a manufacturer of cartridges and machine systems for the adhesives and sealants industries.

“We don’t do run charts manually here at all,” King says. Instead, the company uses Zontec’s Synergy 2000 SPC software for automatic data collection and reporting. “The data that we collect generates those charts for us,” King explains. Not only that: “They’re more accurate. They’re easy to read. They’re not sloppy.”

To his relief, King found SynergySPC easy to use and intuitive for day-to-day production monitoring and making queries. Simply collect the data via the software first, King advises, and then you can decide exactly how you want to analyze it.


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