Wouldn’t it be great if getting started with real-time statistical process control SPC software was as easy as installing the latest Microsoft Word program? Well, it is with Zontec.

At Zontec, we have developed quality management software products with ease-of-use as a guiding principle without sacrificing complexity and power. Every Synergy solution in our scalable suite of products integrates a unique combination of SPC features that are both powerful and easy to use making them the most efficient SPC tools available. Here are some user-friendly feature highlights.

Easy to Use

Your Synergy SPC software experience starts with an uncomplicated installation. The installation of Synergy SPC Windows-based on-premises programs (Synergy 100, 1000, and 2000) takes just a few clicks and requires little to no IT support. In less than five minutes, you are ready to start using Synergy’s powerful SPC features. Similarly, Synergy 3000, Zontec’s on-premises SQL database solution, only requires a routine database and user setup by a database administrator. Users can get started with this powerful solution with minimal IT support. Cloud solutions are also available.

Easy to Learn

Our focus on logical, efficient, user-friendly design makes Synergy SPC programs easy to learn. Synergy’s simple structure and consistent navigation put less stress on users. There is no need to remember complex sequences or menu paths. Quality Engineers typically require less than one day of training to become capable Synergy users. Shop-floor operators can be confidently using the software in less than one hour. This very short learning curve means that your organization will not spend weeks or months learning how to use the software. Training new employees is quick and easy. In one day, you can begin benefitting from powerful SPC tools to visualize processes and remove uncertainty.

Easy to Configure

Synergy SPC solutions are designed with the understanding that the power of SPC is in data analysis not in spending time setting up complicated software configurations. Our powerful solutions are fast and easy to configure. Using drop-down fields and one-click options, we have made detailed configuration simple and quick. Busy quality engineers are pleasantly surprised that complex part and process configurations can be created in minutes. Our unique configuration interface allows you to quickly define parameters for a part or process, and then immediately start collecting data. With Synergy SPC, you quickly move from configuration to data analysis and problem-solving.

Easy Data Entry

Simplified data entry in combination with real-time charting and alerts make data entry in Synergy software fast, easy, and actionable. Our simple data entry worksheet saves time and reduces errors allowing operators to enter all of the data for a part or process on one customizable screen. Automatic real-time charting, color-coded process indicators, and on-screen alerts simplify shop-floor process monitoring. Data entry is enhanced by a variety of tools such as on-screen calculators and keypads. Synergy products also make data entry fast, simple, and reliable with the direct connection of measurement devices and automatic real-time data collection from PLCs, CMMs, and other plant equipment.

Easy One-Screen Navigation

Synergy SPC Software has been designed for convenience and efficiency. Synergy Operators, Engineers, and Managers engage with a unique time-saving interface that eliminates the need for complex navigation through multi-layered menus. Our intuitive one-screen design allows you to reach the features you need with just one-click.

Easy Information Sharing

Sharing real-time information using Synergy SPC lets you eliminate errors caused by outdated resources and promote communication throughout the organization. Our genuine real-time system allows users to easily visualize data, enterprise-wide, as it is entered. Synergy’s simple configuration supports shop-floor operators at their workstations by automatically sharing current work instructions and giving all users one-button access to centralized documents, videos, website reference material and network links.

Easy Real-time Alerts

Synergy software’s real-time charting and color-coded alert indicators are displayed on operator data entry screens and on dashboards for quality managers. You can easily take automated SPC monitoring to the next level. Additional easy-to-include features such as on-screen operator alerts and automated emails give you the freedom to focus on other quality issues.

Quality Control Chart showing easy to use color-coded symbols, Synergy SPC from Zontec

Easily visualize your process with color-coded symbols


Easy Data Analysis

Synergy software gives you the flexible SPC tools you need to visualize and understand your quality data. Genuine real-time data is available for analysis in Synergy SPC software from the moment it is entered. Synergy’s extremely fast charting capabilities allow you to easily analyze quality data in a variety of unique charts with only one click. Our easy-to-use data selection window lets you quickly execute complex queries to isolate specific data and diagnose the cause of process variations. One-click email makes it easy to share charts and analysis for instant collaboration and communication as you prevent defects, solve problems and improve your return on investment, ROI.

Easy Reporting

Synergy SPC offers a robust selection of fast and easy-to-generate reports that make it effortless to share information at any level of detail. It takes just a few clicks to create detailed data reports, data summaries, and meeting-ready process and capability reports. Easy-to-use tools allow you to routinely and efficiently share customized quality reports with customers and supply chain partners. One-click email makes it simple to share any report with your global network.

Easy Real-time Monitoring

With real-time charting, alerts, and emails, Synergy SPC software makes it easy to proactively monitor and address quality issues. Our proprietary interactive one-screen manager dashboard allows you to visualize the real-time status of manufacturing and supply chain processes at a glance. This removes uncertainty allowing quality managers to immediately see and solve quality issues.

Easy Maintenance

Synergy SPC solutions let you spend your time resolving manufacturing issues not maintaining software. Synergy Windows-based solutions, Synergy 100, 1000, and 2000, require no routine maintenance. Even our SQL database solution, Synergy 3000, only requires routine database administration. Once installed, you and your IT department will both enjoy the stability of Synergy SPC software from Zontec.


It is Easy to Improve Quality with Synergy SPC Software. 

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