Since its founding in 1983, Zontec, Inc. has become one of the most recognized statistical process control (SPC) software providers in the U.S. But what is it about Cincinnati, Ohio-based Zontec that has transformed it into a SPC software innovator? What is it about the “Zontec 5G product experience” that attracts so many companies to its products?
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What Software Will Automate With SynergySPC, Statistical Process Control Software?

The Zontec SynergySPC software suite is robust and flexible allowing it to automate SPC data collection with enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), CMM, PLC, Vision System and many other platforms.
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Why statistics? Because they are possibly the most useful tool we have to understand what might happen. Statistics make it possible for us to make fairly accurate predictions with small groups of data. It is not possible to predict individual events but statistics will give insight to the overall results. But let’s dig deeper on why do […]

Dispelling myths can be difficult, especially when they’re believed by decision makers who affect your job performance. We’ve compiled eight SPC software myths your boss believes and the logic that can help you dispel them.  Read more