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Why statistics? Because they are possibly the most useful tool we have to understand what might happen.

Statistics make it possible for us to make fairly accurate predictions with small groups of data. It is not possible to predict individual events but statistics will give insight to the overall results. But let’s dig deeper on why do we need statistics anyway?

Predicting the future?

For example, no one can predict how long a person will live. An accident or illness could happen tomorrow, or the person may live to be 100 years old. Life insurance companies, however, can accurately predict what percent of the population will live to be 50, 60, 70 and beyond. This is the type of information that we need about our production process.

To measure is to know.  – James Clerk Maxwell

Statistics let us make estimates about the future without knowing all the possible results. For example, no one has measured all the people in the United States, but we know the average height. We predict the average by sampling a small part of the population and applying what we learn from it to the whole population.

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Statistics deals with two areas: the past and the future. We use statistics to summarize past events so we can understand them. We then use this summary to make predictions about the future. Statistical process control (SPC) applies this to process control allowing us to predict the future course of the process and its output based on what has happened in the past.

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This content is adapted from Zontec’s The Book of Statistical Process Control.  You can download a free copy here.