Benefits of Synergy Cloud

Zontec developed Synergy Cloud with our users in mind.  This Data as a Service (DaaS) application offers you powerful statistical process control (SPC) features that are easy to use. This advanced software program enables you to take control of your processes and improve quality.Architecture of How Synergy SPC Software Utilizes Cloud Computing in Your Enterprise

We’ve spent over 30 years doing one simple thing: Providing the industry standard for SPC software. Why complicate it?

Keep it Simple

For those that are quality and efficiency-minded, Synergy Cloud is the statistical process control software that is the most proactive and capable in controlling processes for greater efficiency and profitability because of its simple, intuitive, and adaptable implementation and use.

Be affordable.

Zontec eases the decision/purchase process by eliminating up-front costs and smoothing your investment over time.  Your management team can be confident in the solid proof-of-concept you see right away.  Zontec will save you the frustration, time, and manpower by handling the implementation for you with minimal IT support required.  Training, support, and updates are all included in your pricing.  In many cases, the need for hardware purchases will be eliminated.

You can get started measuring sooner and generating ROI that can be realized from virtually day one.

Be accessible.

You’ll never feel isolated from your data (or our support) with access from any location via an internet connection.  The SPC data is managed and secured in the cloud to enable sharing and collaboration among users.  You’ll have access to product drawings and work instructions, live views of SPC data and charts, interactive and versatile charting, and real-time process feedback alarms

Be advanced.

Can be used on a variety of existing platforms. Multiple devices are supported such as desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

Be adaptable.

With Synergy Cloud you’ll have immediate access to new product releases, tools, and documentation.  We’ll always keep you updated.  As devices, equipment, and operating software evolves, so will Synergy Cloud.

Ready to see how Synergy Cloud can benefit your organization?  Contact us to learn how our “true cloud-based” solution will reduce your frustration and save you time and money. 

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