Are you considering usability as you evaluate your SPC software purchase? At Zontec, we look at usability in the context of how simple or difficult it is for a user to navigate the software while achieving the desired results within the manufacturing environment.

Exceptional usability motivates users to unlock the full functionality of the software creating maximum return on investment. Zontec customers frequently comment that they enjoy using SynergySPC software and can’t imagine doing their jobs without it. Another way to look at usability is from author Whitney Quesenbery’s “Dimensions of Usability” chapter in the book Content and Complexity (Erlbaum, 2003). She categorizes usability into the 5 E’s of Use. These include and are briefly defined as:

    • Effective – How completely and accurately are work goals reached?
    • Efficient – How quickly can work be completed?
    • Engaging – How pleasant and satisfying is it to do the work?
    • Error tolerant – How does the product prevent errors and help the user recover from mistakes?
    • Easy to learn – How does the product support initial and continued learning over time?

Since our inception, Zontec SPC software has placed a high priority on usability and excels in each of the above categories. In addition, Zontec keeps current with advancements in technology and manufacturing automation trends so you can make data driven decisions that support growth and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Usability is the SynergySPC Advantage

SPC Software Creates Value

The hidden value of SPC Software – Usability

Your user experience with Synergy SPC software products will defy the usual expectations. With software, it is the norm that the most powerful program will require extensive training to create expert users who will then guide others. Using all the features of a complex robust software can also demand a great deal of time spent in configuration and setup. This is not true with Synergy SPC software. Our focus on the manufacturing user has allowed us to supersede industry norms and create powerful SPC software tools that are so user-friendly that they require minimal training and deliver innovative options for quick and easy setup. We understand that you need powerful SPC tools that you can implement quickly and use efficiently to gain insights about your manufacturing process and take quality to the next level.


Synergy SPC software products have been designed to provide you with the powerful analytical and monitoring tools you need in the most efficient, fast, and easy-to-use environment. Our users do not spend weeks or months with training and configuration. When you implement a Synergy SPC product, you will quickly begin benefiting from powerful SPC features. Some customers report a return on investment in as little as two weeks.


Synergy customers enjoy improved data accuracy and save time with automated data collection. They confidently monitor data in an environment that is 100% compliant with SPC rules and methodologies. Quality engineers using Synergy products are able to shift their focus to other issues because they can trust Synergy’s real-time alerts to call their attention to potential quality issues.  Our customers easily visualize and analyze real-time and historical data with one-click access to an extensive variety of information-rich charts. Synergy SPC products support quality communications throughout the organization with and extensive array of instant reports, flexible data query tools, and one-click email of reports and charts. Additionally, the Synergy SPC customizable Certificate of Analysis allows users to easily and confidently share quality metrics with customers. Supervisors and managers save time and have confidence in production quality as they use manager dashboards to view enterprise-wide status and as they use Synergy’s Six Sigma Capability tools to monitor Cp, Cpk, Pp, and Ppk.


The suite of SynergySPC products are offered at a variety of price points depending on if you are a single user or a global enterprise with world-wide suppliers. Regardless of the regulatory and audit requirements you have to meet, SynergySPC products assist you in meeting your industry requirements. Capturing data and visualizing your process will give you the SPC tools to discover and solve quality issues using real-time data insights. Your return on investment is driven by reducing waste and risk as well as taking your quality to the next level.

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