Upgrading For Industry 4.0 Has Never Been Easier

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The Future is Now

Zontec adds Keyence Interface Module to updated Multi-function Toolbox Version 3.0

If you read any industry publications at all, you’re constantly hearing about Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Previously separate devices, factories and people are constantly being integrated and are now communicating with each other. Technology is making tasks that used to take hours now take mere seconds, and the manufacturing industry is keeping pace.

Zontec’s Multi-Function toolbox takes that concept to the next level.


The Importance of Measurements

As we all know, you’re only able to improve what you measure. If you want to improve the quality of your product, you have to measure it. Once you’ve got the data from your measurements, you’re able to analyze and act accordingly.

As a manufacturer, it is imperative that you measure your quality both accurately and efficiently. Measuring accurately ensures that you have the right information about where improvements need to be made and measuring efficiently ensures that you don’t spend all of your time measuring and analyzing.

Accuracy without efficiency leads to making high quality product slower and efficiency without accuracy leads to making poor quality product faster. Neither model is sustainable. You need both: high efficiency and perfect accuracy. Unfortunately, they tend to be inversely proportional. How can you increase one without decreasing the other? How can you get the best of both worlds?

The answer: the Keyence Instant Measurement Machine paired with Zontec’s Multifunction toolbox.


Push-Button Measuring

Keyence’s Instant Measurement Machine is an Optical Comparator that increases both the accuracy and efficiency of your measurement process, ensuring that any quality improvement actions you take are successful. It removes operator error, measurement inconsistency, training time, and data entry speed. With the push of a button, you can measure any part with +/- 2 µm accuracy.

  • Want to hire more operators but tired of training employees to properly measure?
    • This requires no training.
  • Need to measure multiple parts at the same time?
    • This allows you to do that.
  • Having difficulty manually measuring rounded parts and curved surfaces?
    • Not anymore.

With the push of a button, the Keyence Instant Measurement Machine allows you to measure up to 99 dimensions on up to 100 parts at a time, easily and accurately, even those with round and curved surfaces.


Data-Collection on Steroids

The Keyence Instant Measurement Machine is an amazing tool that makes your measurements both more accurate and more efficient and it’s even more amazing when you pair it with the SynergySPC Multi-function Toolbox. With the Multi-function Toolbox, your measurement and data collection processes become even more efficient. The Multi-Function Toolbox pulls all of the measurement data taken by the Keyence Instant Measurement Machine into your SPC data tables, giving you lightning-fast insight into your product quality in real-time. 

Current users Fastco Industries say that previous to using the Multi-Function Toolbox, entering 300 data points would have taken 30 minutes. That process now takes 30 seconds, a time savings of 77%. Said Brian Kropp, Quality Control Manager for Fastco, “[This system] provides measurements in seconds that you would normally have to use 2 to 3 other measurement tools for. We can import these dimensions into Synergy. Most people are very impressed with it, as I was.”


Supercharge your quality control initiatives today! Contact a representative from Zontec for more information on how you can make your measurement and data collection processes highly efficient and perfectly accurate.

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