A photo of an operator at United Gear and Assembly using Synergy 2000 SPC Software.

United Gear and Assembly using Zontec’s Synergy 2000 SPC software on the shop floor.

Quality Magazine highlighted United Gear and Assembly as a case study. They use Synergy 2000 SPC software and it helped them bring in new business!

Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear and Assembly, talks about how Synergy 2000 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software helps them talk to customers about new business.

“I have been in meetings at the customer’s location where we are discussing a new product. SynergySPC software gives us the ability to log into our server, show them the exact machine that would be used to produce the new product, what tolerance the machine is currently running and the capability history of that machine,” Winfrey said. “This type of information shows the customer what they need to see before moving forward. Synergy provides us that edge to win the business.”

“Case Study: Software Brings New Business”