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This popular and highly acclaimed reference book by Zontec, the SPC software leader, provides a practical and intimidating view of the fundamentals of Statistical Process Control (SPC) for the non-statistician. The 206-page publication draws on many easy-to-understand examples as it presents the various techniques and step-by-step calculations involved in statistical process control. Each chapter is packed full of charts, tables and diagrams that enhance the overall comprehension of SPC. Anyone from the plant floor to the boardroom can appreciate this straightforward treatment of SPC as an important competitive advantage.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to SPC Thinking
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Data Collection & Recording
  • Problem-solving Techniques
  • General Concepts of Control Charting
  • Control Charts for Variable Data
  • Process Capability Studies
  • Control Chart Analysis
  • Measurement Errors
  • Control Charts for Non-conforming Attributes
  • Control Charts for the Number of Non-conformities
  • Special Charts for Special Applications
  • Automating Data Collection and Deploying SPC Globally
  • Getting Started

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