Synergy 100 from Zontec contains real-time features such as variable data collection, charting, process traceability and gage connectivity.


Synergy 100 2.0 Released; Suite Fully Compatible with Windows 10

Zontec Releases Synergy 100 2.0; Entire Synergy Suite of SPC Software Fully Compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoZontec, Inc., the international developer of Statistical Process Control or SPC software solutions, announced the release of the updated version of its user-friendly Synergy 100 SPC.  The software developer has also confirmed all of its current software offerings are fully compatible with Windows 10, both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

A with the previous version of Synergy 100, clients can expect the same speed, stability, and multi-tasking capability with this new version.

The recent release of Windows® newest operating systems was also addressed.

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Zontec Releases 2012 Synergy 100 SPC Software to Maximize Use for the Single User


Cincinnati, OH—March 15, 2012 —Zontec Inc. the international developer of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions, today announced an update to its Synergy 100™ for its customers worldwide.

“The Synergy 100 SPC software is designed for the single-user environment. Companies beginning the process of collecting SPC data can enjoy many of the features of a network or enterprise product at a fraction of the cost,” said Zontec President Warren Ha. “We provide full functionality so a beginning user can access the wealth of information available at the click of a mouse.”

Zontec is consistently releasing new capabilities for its product line to so that users at all levels can increase productivity, reduce product defects, boost production rates and generate new business.

Here are some of the features available in the Synergy 100:

  • SPC software setup in minutes
  • Flexible data collection
  • Easy navigation — a click away
  • Versatile interactive real-time charts
  • Instant reporting (e.g. reports that show up to eight processes instantly)

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This is a screen shot of the Synergy 100 SPC software showing Capability Chart options.

The the Synergy 100 SPC software with numerous charts and showing Capability Chart options.