Statistical Process Control are statistical methods used to help companies uncover and minimize variations in their production process.


News from Zontec and the Synergy Real-time SPC Software Suite

On a timely basis Zontec releases significant, new Synergy statistical process control software giving you all the professional real-time SPC charts, analysis and reports needed to check and discover the stability and capability of your process. User-friendly new updates include technology improvements and features based on customer feedback. Read more

Is Your Manufacturing Business Ready for New Opportunities and Growth?

A Quality Engineer’s responsibilities are extensive and time-consuming and proper balancing of these duties limits exposure to significant quality risk and lost profit.  As manufacturing growth is rising, it becomes important to maximize your business opportunities.

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Why statistics? Because they are possibly the most useful tool we have to understand what might happen. Statistics make it possible for us to make fairly accurate predictions with small groups of data. It is not possible to predict individual events but statistics will give insight to the overall results. But let’s dig deeper on why do […]

Dispelling myths can be difficult, especially when they’re believed by decision makers who affect your job performance. We’ve compiled eight SPC software myths your boss believes and the logic that can help you dispel them.  Read more

When is the best time to reduce quality problems and make a commitment to improve quality?

Learning about quality issues after the fact is similar to asking if the batteries are working in your smoke detector after a fire. Likewise, the time to solve quality issues is before a significant safety concern or disaster happens. Once disaster strikes, you’re usually too busy putting out fires to work on prevention. Read more