Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software, like the Synergy Product Suite, that includes statistical methods to help a company prevent errors before they occur, to monitor and control processes so they run efficiently.


The Consequences of Non-compliant SPC Software


Choosing an SPC software solution that violates SPC methodology and rules WILL negatively impact your efforts to improve processes and products.  

Consequences of Non-compliant SPC software

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Each and every important decision we are faced with needs to be based on a true and accurate representation of the facts. If decisions are based on questionable interpretation, the consequences can be significant. Choosing an SPC software solution, as a partner in your business, should be no different. The consequences of non-compliant SPC software has to be considered. Don’t fall victim to a solution that contains outdated technology or has been over promised. Your decision should be based on choosing a current solution that is rooted in strong SPC fundamentals, methodologies and applies SPC rules correctly. Read more

Quality Control: Prevention or Detection?

Prevention or Detection as Quality Control

Prevention or DetectionAn age-old question: Quality Control: Prevention or Detection? Estimates show that it is ten times more costly to correct a problem than it is to prevent it. With this kind of savings, companies can reduce prices, expand their R&D, and increase profits at the same time. Changes to a product’s characteristics are merely a reflection of changes in input. Therefore, the key to preventing defects in a product is to monitor and control all aspects of its production.  This brings us to an exploration of processes.

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Synergy 100 2.0 Released; Suite Fully Compatible with Windows 10

Zontec Releases Synergy 100 2.0; Entire Synergy Suite of SPC Software Fully Compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 LogoZontec, Inc., the international developer of Statistical Process Control or SPC software solutions, announced the release of the updated version of its user-friendly Synergy 100 SPC.  The software developer has also confirmed all of its current software offerings are fully compatible with Windows 10, both 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

A with the previous version of Synergy 100, clients can expect the same speed, stability, and multi-tasking capability with this new version.

The recent release of Windows® newest operating systems was also addressed.

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How Does Your Customer (Not You) Define Quality?


[This content is from Zontec’s The Book of Statistical Process Control.  You can download a free copy here.]

In a separate post on quality itself, we defined quality.  This is not an easy task since quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We identified five points we can all agree on that equate to quality.  More important than this though is how your customer (not you) defines quality. When it comes to quality, your customer is concerned with three different areas: design quality, manufacturing quality, and performance quality.


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Design Quality

Design Quality is the intended shape, size, color and function of the product. The designer must assess the needs of the customer and select characteristic values that will create the greatest customer satisfaction. 

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Quality is how well the product meets the design. It is this type of quality that is the main subject of our free e-Book, The Book of Statistical Process Control. The better the manufacturing quality is, the better the product quality will be. And if this type of quality is good, product quality will be more consistent. Keep in mind, however, that while improving manufacturing will improve a product to a certain extent, it will never improve a poor design.

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Kick-starting Your SPC Program – Start Slowly


Throughout the past several weeks we’ve reviewed concepts on how to help make your program a success by ensuring your team is educated, that they understand transition is an investment, and that everyone is aware of the role that production workers must embrace as well as management’s role.

Start Slowly

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These are all intended to help build a solid foundation for success.  However, in today’s “microwave society”, it’s easy to expect (or demand of ourselves) quick results even in incredibly complex ventures.  Today, we remind ourselves to be methodical and patient.

5.) Start Slowly.  

Don’t place unrealistic demands on yourself or your team.

Perhaps the words of the Greek historian, biographer and essayist conveyed it best for us to take our time.  Most companies with successful SPC programs didn’t try to convert all their processes at once, they selected one target area. What problem is the most costly? What problem seems to have a high probability of success? Pareto analysis can help you decide what to tackle first.

“Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.”


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