You can achieve better quality by easily detecting and preventing manufacturing problems before they turn into costly waste, rework, downtime, and increased burden for your organization.
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Are you considering usability as you evaluate your SPC software purchase? At Zontec, we look at usability in the context of how simple or difficult it is for a user to navigate the software while achieving the desired results within the manufacturing environment.

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What is the benefit of real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) alerts? SPC software with real-time alerts improves a quality engineers ability to minimize violations and reduce scrap, rework, and waste. Read more

Wouldn’t it be great if getting started with real-time statistical process control SPC software was as easy as installing the latest Microsoft Word program? Well, it is with Zontec.

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Synergy 3000 SPC Software Web Manager with Control Chart.

Synergy 3000 SPC Software Web Manager

Selecting the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software for your business is an investment. Here are 12 things to consider as you evaluate a real-time SPC solution for your business:

1. Is the SPC Software Tailored for Your Business?

Regardless if your company is one facility or an entire enterprise, does the SPC software accommodate the specific needs of your company size? Does the software provide your operators, managers, and engineers their own unique view and capabilities in the system? Read more