Many companies are looking for SPC Software that enables them to Increase the productivity of employees to work more efficiently.


Zontec customers who have been highlighted in past publications are still receiving results today.


1. Fastco Industries Inc.

Fastco Industries Inc. was included in an article for Quality Digest called, “Fastco Case Study: Cost of Poor Quality As a Percent of Sales. Expect more from your SPC software”.

Fastco Story about CoPQ

The Fastco Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ), as it relates to sales, is the most important quality metric for the company. For ten years they made their goal. For a couple years, they did not. Dissatisfied with the results, the company owner brought in new management and purchased our Synergy SPC software from Zontec. For two consecutive years, they have not only met the previous CoPQ as a % of sales but also lowered the CoPQ each year. As you will read in the article, the owner of this company knew the value of quality.


Here is the link to the article on the Quality Digest Website: Fastco Industries article


To read our Fastco success story, simply visit our Case Study website page.


2. Bright Plastics

Bright Plastics was highlighted in Quality Magazine in article titled, ““Bright Plastics Utilizes Synergy SPC Software to Differentiate Themselves in the Marketplace”.

Bright Plastics and the Auditing Process

One way that Bright Plastics found to differentiate itself was by using Synergy SPC software during the audit process:

“Automatic email notifications have really made my life easier. Now, I don’t have to wait for someone to tell me when something is out-of-control. In fact, when we have auditors come in, I deliberately take them to a station running Synergy, put in an out-of-specification condition; an automatic email goes out to my email that I show the auditor. They are very impressed.”
— Kate Bryant, Director of Quality for Bright Plastics

Here is the link to the article on the Quality Magazine website: Bright Plastics article


To read our Bright Plastics success story, simply visit the Case Study website page.


Operators at Sahale Snacks working and a picture of Synergy 1000 on production floor.

Sahale Snacks achieves $16,000 ROI using Synergy 1000

Roth Gonzales, Process Improvement Manager, at Sahale Snacks was highlighted in an article called, “Snacks company sees healthy ROI” on the Packaging Digest Website talking about using the Synergy 1000 SPC software to increase production and reduce the out-of-specification time in their production lines. Implementing Synergy 1000, they were able to meet their ROI of $16,000, enable machine operators to regain 1/3rd of their day, and recoup an hour a day for Quality Assurance personnel.

“Our expected Return On Investment for purchasing Synergy was $16,000. We met our expectations,” said Gonzales.


A photo of MASS Precision using Synergy 2000 SPC software on the production floor.

MASS Precision using Zontec’s Synergy 2000 on the production floor.

In an article called “MASS Precision Uses Synergy to Manage Supplier Precision”, MASS Precision was highlighted in Quality Magazine.

MASS Precision uses Zontec’s Synergy 2000 Statistical Process Control SPC software for supplier management.

“One thing we particularly like about implementing Synergy is the fact that we can communicate in real-time with our suppliers. This is vitally important for our business. We now have the ability to tell suppliers that they need to adjust the chemicals in their plating in real-time,” said Dan Heimann, Quality Manager, for MASS Precision. “Once we showed this capability to our suppliers, they became interested in implementing Synergy. The quality problems with plating thickness used to happen once a week, but since we implemented Synergy, it happens about once a month.”


A photo of Schoeneck Containers operator using Synergy 2000 SPC software on shop floor.

An operator at Schoeneck Containers uses Zontec’s Synergy 2000 SPC software on shop floor.

The Plastics Engineering website is highlighting Schoeneck Containers using Synergy 2000 to save 33 man-hours a day!

In the article, Scott Chambers, Quality Facilitator  for SCI, says he likes the mult-tiered approach to the Synergy Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

“I like the fact that with Synergy SPC software we have three levels of operation to protect the data; the operator, manager and engineer levels,” said Chambers. “I also appreciate how easy it is to cut and paste information from Synergy to share with customers. This is a feature that differentiates Synergy from other SPC packages out there. And although this happens relatively infrequently, I like the fact that during a customer audit, they can view the information real-time in Synergy.”

Customer service from your SPC software partner is critically important when you have quality issues that halt production. In these situations, you have one priority—getting the issue resolved and the line up and running. There are many reasons for manufacturing disruptions and all cause lost time and increased cost.

The Statistical Process Control (SPC) software vendor you have built a relationship with should treat your issue as their top priority. Here are some hallmarks of excellent customer service:

  • Picture of a woman customer service rep to show Zontec SPC software support.Personalized Service – Each production environment is unique. As your vendor of choice, you want to talk to someone who understands your implementation of the software. You want to work through issues with someone who retains the knowledge of past issues related to your implementation.
  • Persistent Service – Occasionally complicated issues take time to resolve. When this happens, you want to work with someone who will remain with you until the issue is resolved.
  • Prompt Service – Because every minute counts, you want a prompt response as well as a knowledgeable team to work on your issue or concern.

What do Zontec SynergySPC clients say about the customer service we provide?

“One of the things I really appreciate about using Synergy is the personalized service I receive.”— Heidi Beaver of Portage Plastics

“We have found Zontec service to be very helpful. We had an issue where we were redesigning how we perform data collection. The Zontec service person was very knowledgable and helpful. She helped us figure out a way that would work.”— Mike Demko of Tecnocap

“I was really surprised how quickly my questions were answered instead of taking days like other service providers. I think Zontec provides excellent service.”— Cristina Martinez of Stanley Black & Decker

The SPC software you are using should reflect your own quality standards. Remember that in addition to building a quality product, the software vendor should offer you excellent customer service as well.