When a company purchases SPC Software they want to know that their realize business benefits from the purchase of the product such as reducing downtime, scrap, rework and increasing employee productivity.


News from Zontec and the Synergy Real-time SPC Software Suite

On a timely basis Zontec releases significant, new Synergy statistical process control software giving you all the professional real-time SPC charts, analysis and reports needed to check and discover the stability and capability of your process. User-friendly new updates include technology improvements and features based on customer feedback. Read more

Wait, what? It seems something strange for an SPC software provider to assert.  While it still has it’s place and seems to still be the preferred (and necessary) approach for many companies, having software installed in-house on dozens, if not, hundreds of workstations is gradually becoming passé.  Instead the need for conventional “software” as we have know it is being replaced by cloud based applications.  We all need to be prepared.

Cloud SPC is Here

Cloud based applications have altered both our business and personal lives.  They’ve changed how we pay bills, generate sales, track accounting, file taxes, manage inventory, and many other tasks.  With the recent launch of a Synergy “true cloud SPC” solution the decision process for adopting SPC has changed. These are 4 questions you should ask as you choose installed software vs. cloud SPC. Read more

Zontec customers who have been highlighted in past publications are still receiving results today.


1. Fastco Industries Inc.

Fastco Industries Inc. was included in an article for Quality Digest called, “Fastco Case Study: Cost of Poor Quality As a Percent of Sales. Expect more from your SPC software”.

Fastco Story about CoPQ

The Fastco Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ), as it relates to sales, is the most important quality metric for the company. For ten years they made their goal. For a couple years, they did not. Dissatisfied with the results, the company owner brought in new management and purchased our Synergy SPC software from Zontec. For two consecutive years, they have not only met the previous CoPQ as a % of sales but also lowered the CoPQ each year. As you will read in the article, the owner of this company knew the value of quality.


Here is the link to the article on the Quality Digest Website: Fastco Industries article


To read our Fastco success story, simply visit our Case Study website page.


2. Bright Plastics

Bright Plastics was highlighted in Quality Magazine in article titled, ““Bright Plastics Utilizes Synergy SPC Software to Differentiate Themselves in the Marketplace”.

Bright Plastics and the Auditing Process

One way that Bright Plastics found to differentiate itself was by using Synergy SPC software during the audit process:

“Automatic email notifications have really made my life easier. Now, I don’t have to wait for someone to tell me when something is out-of-control. In fact, when we have auditors come in, I deliberately take them to a station running Synergy, put in an out-of-specification condition; an automatic email goes out to my email that I show the auditor. They are very impressed.”
— Kate Bryant, Director of Quality for Bright Plastics

Here is the link to the article on the Quality Magazine website: Bright Plastics article


To read our Bright Plastics success story, simply visit the Case Study website page.


This whitepaper explains how SynergySPC Software can be implemented in 45 minutes.

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It’s a straightforward concept that implementation time affects your SPC Software ROI. Depending upon the vendor, SPC software implementations can take a couple of weeks or as long as 6 months to a year. Our SynergySPC team believes software setup and implementation should be as efficient as possible for you to begin experiencing the benefits of SPC software.


The faster you are able to setup the SPC software for your particular facility, the quicker the SPC software pays for itself.

“The fastest thing I’ve ever done was to set up 60 tables in 2 days.”
— Bob Hyland, Process Engineer, for Acme Aerospace

Custom Implementation

As each facility has its own production process, we believe that superior SPC software should allow you the flexibility to customize the software to meet your individual needs. We are here every step of the way to help you.

“Zontec really listened to what I had to say about our implementation and we worked through our custom implementation.”
— Bob Batsche, Quality Manager for Carlisle & Finch Co. Read more

Using Synergy SPC Software To Enhance Your Supply Chain Quality Management.To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that allows you to connect all parts of your supply chain. Synergy offers a competitive global infrastructure that provides instant access to real-time SPC data across the globe.


As corporations with suppliers and remote locations worldwide, you need real-time suppliers’ SPC data before it comes to your production facility. Because of the complexity of today’s products, production facilities also need to ensure that the product you are shipping to sister locations is within specification. Without this real-time SPC data, corporations can incur losses caused by wasted production time, time and shipping costs related to replacement parts, and penalties incurred by delays to customers. Manufacturers need a viable SPC solution that can be easily administered and equip suppliers via the Web regardless of location. Read more