When a company purchases SPC Software they want to know that their realize business benefits from the purchase of the product such as reducing downtime, scrap, rework and increasing employee productivity.


The Case Against SPC Software

The Case Against SPC Software

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Wait, what? It seems something strange for an SPC software provider to assert.  While it still has it’s place and seems to still be the preferred (and necessary) approach for many companies, having software installed in-house on dozens, if not, hundreds of workstations is gradually becoming passé.  Instead the need for conventional “software” as we have know it is being replaced by cloud based applications.  We all need to be prepared.

Cloud SPC is Here

Cloud based applications have altered both our business and personal lives.  They’ve changed how we pay bills, generate sales, track accounting, file taxes, manage inventory, and many other tasks.  With the recent launch of a Synergy “true cloud SPC” solution the decision process for adopting SPC has changed. These are 4 questions you should ask as you choose installed software vs. cloud SPC. Read more

Implementation Time Affects Your SPC Software ROI

This whitepaper explains how SynergySPC Software can be implemented in 45 minutes.

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It’s a straightforward concept that implementation time affects your SPC Software ROI. Depending upon the vendor, SPC software implementations can take a couple of weeks or as long as 6 months to a year. Our SynergySPC team believes software setup and implementation should be as efficient as possible for you to begin experiencing the benefits of SPC software.


The faster you are able to setup the SPC software for your particular facility, the quicker the SPC software pays for itself.

“The fastest thing I’ve ever done was to set up 60 tables in 2 days.”
— Bob Hyland, Process Engineer, for Acme Aerospace

Custom Implementation

As each facility has its own production process, we believe that superior SPC software should allow you the flexibility to customize the software to meet your individual needs. We are here every step of the way to help you.

“Zontec really listened to what I had to say about our implementation and we worked through our custom implementation.”
— Bob Batsche, Quality Manager for Carlisle & Finch Co. Read more

Factors to Consider When Calculating an ROI for SPC Software

How Fast Is the Implementation?

The faster the SPC software is set up and your production line is operational, the faster you realize a return on investment (ROI). 

How to Calculate a ROI for Synergy SPC Software.

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Do Your Employees Feel Empowered to Prevent Errors Before They Occur?

When operators, managers, and engineers understand the software they can prevent errors at their point in the process. This means they can reduce:

o Downtime
o Scrap
o Defects
o Customer penalties due to production delays Read more

Criteria Essential for Selecting a SPC Software Vendor

Zontec has an eBook that articulates what companies should expect from their SPC Software vendor. It encompasses the following prerequisites that are vital for the smooth integration of SPC Software into your environment:

How Synergy Software Benefits Your Business

To learn more about what differentiates Synergy SPC software from other vendors on the market, please click this image.

• A Product Tailored for Your Business

Often times, companies’ supply a one size fits all solution, which does not take into account the needs of different size companies. At Zontec, we offer a full suite of products that meet the needs of a single user system to a global enterprise.

“We selected Zontec because they were one step ahead of where our customers were going. We thought the Synergy software would be a very user-friendly package and that Zontec was willing to develop a relationship with a company of Trident’s size,” said April Lusk of Trident Precision Manufacturing.

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What are the Benefits of Managing Supplier SPC Data Worldwide in Real-Time

How Synergy SPC Software Improves Return-on-InvestmentBecause corporations are operating globally, they need access to real-time SPC data on materials from remote locations and suppliers before it is shipped to their production location. Companies can realize tremendous benefits by empowering their suppliers to prevent errors from occurring, monitor processes from anywhere and enable manufacturers to view their SPC data in real-time before their materials are shipped. As you quickly and efficiently roll out Web applications to all your suppliers, you will see tremendous benefits.

Benefits for Suppliers by Using Web Applications

For example, for each supplier you will:
• Enable supplier operators to prevent errors before they occur
• Allow supplier managers to monitor processes from anywhere
• Empower supplier managers to manage costs
• Eliminate time and cost of supplier shipping replacement orders
• Avoid costs incurred by delays to customer

Benefits for Manufacturers by Suppliers Using Web Applications

As a corporation, you realize a faster ROI related to your investment by:
• Lower travel time and costs related to train and monitor supplier personnel
• Notify supplier of out-of-specification materials before they are shipped to your location
• Diminish time spent on incoming inspections
• Eliminate delays in production due to out-of-specification materials
• Decrease personnel time spent dealing with supplier issues
• Reduce scrap, rework and product recalls
• Quicker introduction of new products
• Introduce complex products faster
• Preserve comprehensive data for customer traceability documentation
• Shorten on-the-spot conformance to requirements and quality prior to shipment
• Permanently retain all of suppliers data
• Worldwide view of your entire supply chain in real-time

“Because we are acting on real Cp, Cpk values, we have a better understanding of the production process and can make the right adjustments in real-time,” said Fedele D’Alessandro. “We selected Synergy 3000, because we knew we would have one dashboard where we could see the entire quality process.”

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