Live from the The Quality Show 2015: What’s Hot?

The Quality Show 2015

Courtesy: The Quality Show

This week we hit the road to Chicago and The Quality Show 2015 to learn more about our clients and market.  We also wanted to share our message of SPC.  Specifically, we were excited to meet all of you face-to-face and talk more about the importance of compliant SPC software and why stability and capability needs to be the focus of that conversation now more than ever.  So what was it like through our eyes? Read more

Back to the Future Day…Were we Ahead of Our Time?


Back to the Future of SPCWe’re probably all aware by now that today is Back to the Future Day, the day in Back to the Future Part II that Marty McFly travels through time to visit October 21, 2015.  What has changed and what has endured in the period between 1985 and 2015 for the world in general and the world of SPC is fascinating. Read more

A Look in the Mirror: Robust SPC Software


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Along with our users, we tout the benefits of SPC software.  We wrote the book on the core concepts of variation and how to observe it in real-time.  The idea of anticipating variation in products and processes, known as robustness, exists as an additional path to minimizing variation.  But that got us to thinking.  How have we as a software company – that helps others measure and act on variation  – developed a robust software ourselves? Read more

What Does the NFL Teach Us About SPC Software?


Referees Blow Call at End of Game

Rules and Mehtodology

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We know this a place for discussion of quality and SPC software, but occasionally real-life provides a great metaphor for the importance of good SPC.  One thing that all sports or games have in common is that they are based on a set of rules which keeps the game moving and provides a fair and competitive framework. Rules and methodology are critical in SPC too, but back to our sports reference first.

Lack of knowledge of the rules generated a fury of controversy in a recent Monday Night Football game.   Read more

Common Cause vs. Special Cause of Variation


Common Cause vs. Special Cause

Common Causes vs. Special Causes of Variance

Credit: Flickr: a2gemma

It’s really not nice to always blame the humans.  We deserve some of the credit, both good and bad, but not all.  Have you heard of the source of variance being referred to as common cause vs. special cause?

Today we explore how to assign causes of variation in order to track error and be proactive.

Read more