How Synergy SPC Software Improves Return-on-Investment.

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According to a recent LNS Research and Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) survey, manufacturers are increasing production:
• 71% of manufacturers are increasing the number of products, Stock-keeping units (SKUs) or variants produced
• 45% of manufacturers striving to shorten the time for new product introduction
• 64% of manufacturers introducing more complex products
• 54% of manufacturers have customers demanding increased traceability documentation

In order to meet these objectives, manufacturers are increasingly looking to SPC software to help manage suppliers worldwide to streamline their business processes and satisfy customer requirements. With increased visibility into supplier SPC data, companies realize that SPC software can assist them in introducing new, complex products faster and provide customers the increased traceability documents required.

“Eventually, we were able to show our suppliers they could save money and improve their process with the data we collected. Once our suppliers were onboard, their processes steadily improved. Because we are saving our suppliers time and money by reducing rejected products, we have found that they have become our advocates in the process,” said Dan Heimann of MASS Precision.

SPC software helps you sustain continuous process improvement throughout your entire supply gaining manufacturers competitive advantage. For suppliers, they benefit from no software maintenance, operators and managers enter and monitor SPC data from anywhere on the Internet. Manufacturers realize a rapid implementation, tremendous savings with regards to production downtime, reduced scrap, reduced rework, reduced travel for supplier training and inspections as well as more efficiently introduce new, complex products to the market.