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Synergy 3000

Global Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software That Allows You to Manage Enterprise-Wide Facilities and Suppliers

Synergy 3000™, from Zontec, is the most advanced SPC software system featuring a Microsoft SQL Server® database engine designed for global manufacturers with global suppliers wanting to use Windows networks, secure Web connections, and mobile devices in a cloud computing environment.

Synergy 3000 v 5.0 continues the Zontec longstanding tradition for high performance in fast-paced production environments with its responsive data collection, charting, enterprise-wide monitoring, querying data, lot traceability, analytical, reporting, Six Sigma problem-solving and decision-support capabilities. With Synergy 3000, Zontec customers have access to even more SPC tools including our Scoreboard Report Card, automated Certificate of Analysis, and Cost of Analysis Report to instantly analyze data across their supply chain for strategic decisions in a global, cloud computing environment.

Developed using Microsoft’s .NET™ computing platform, Synergy 3000 SPC software ensures a future-ready IT path for universal connectivity and integrated collaborative systems. And for businesses running SAP Business Suite applications, Synergy 3000 can extend the scope and value of your SAP implementation.

Financial success depends on the power of collaborating, connecting and integrating all supplier and customer processes. In other words, it is important to avoid blind spots in the supply chain. Synergy 3000 allows manufacturers to unite their internal production resources, OEMs, sub-tier suppliers and material vendors into centralized, performance-driven improvement teams that constantly document how they meet and exceed customer expectations through superior reporting.

Easily Manage Global Locations and Suppliers’ Real-Time SPC Data Worldwide

Global corporations need access to real-time SPC data before materials, especially materials coming from remote locations, ship to their production facility. Companies can realize tremendous benefits when they connect their supply chain with their SPC software. Suppliers get the quality tools and metrics they need to improve product quality and reduce errors. Manufacturers can check processes from anywhere in the world and view real-time SPC data before materials leave the supplier. With quick and efficient supplier activation, Synergy 3000 Web application brings tremendous benefits to your global enterprise.

Benefits for Suppliers when Using Web Applications

A few examples, for each supplier you will:

  • Allow supplier operators to prevent errors before they occur
  • Authorize supplier managers to check processes from anywhere
  • Empower supplier managers to manage costs
  • Eliminate supplier time and cost to ship replacement orders
  • Avoid costs brought on by delays to customer

Benefits for Global Manufacturers when Global Suppliers Use Web Applications

As a corporation, you earn a faster ROI when you:

  • Monitor the worldwide, real-time view of your entire supply chain
  • Notify supplier of out-of-specification materials before shipping to your site
  • Reduce time spent on incoming inspections
  • Eliminate production delays caused by out-of-specification materials
  • Lower travel time and costs related to training and monitoring supplier staff
  • Decrease time spent on supplier issues/problems
  • Reduce scrap, rework, and product recalls
  • Accelerate introduction of new products
  • Introduce complex products using a shorter timeline
  • Preserve comprehensive data for customer traceability documentation
  • Shorten on-the-spot conformance to requirements and quality before shipment
  • Permanently retain suppliers historical data

Monitor variable and attribute data


Data entry screens for your work environment


Online manager for process status from any location


Easy online access to detailed charts and reports


Real-time SPC connection with worldwide supplier network


Reduce supplier non-conformance with engineer controlled global communication

Synergy 3000 is loaded with features and capabilities.
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