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The Synergy 100 SPC Software is Zontec’s entry-level Statistical Process Control software designed for the single user. This low priced and cost-effective manufacturing quality software program enables you to quickly implement and realize the benefits of using SPC software.

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Synergy 100 contains many of the same real-time features for variable data collection, charting, process traceability and gage connectivity found in our network and enterprise software editions. Synergy 100 means you can set up the program, create files, enter data, create charts, query samples, and generate reports in minutes.

You’ll get instant feedback from the color-coded alarms and pop-up warnings for confident decisions and immediate corrective action when indicated. You can set up the program in minutes and it comes complete with a user manual and help utility.

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Synergy 100 captures the data so you can immediately improve your production process to reduce scrap, to reduce rework, and increase user productivity. 

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