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According to a recent Quality Magazine survey and article, The State of the Quality Profession 2018, the quality control group has the primary responsibility for quality-related purchases. Among those looking to increase resources, the top items on their agenda are gages and quality software.

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Using quality software is a positive way to increase productivity, improve quality, lower production cost and open up possibilities for your organization. A powerful and easy-to-use quality software solution will find your process pain points – including the ones you don’t yet know about. Synergy SPC software from Zontec is trusted by large global companies to identify, visualize, analyze, and report on real-time data to continuously improve quality. Our products empower our customers. They give them logical and worthwhile information so they can investigate and successfully remove variation from their process or system. Synergy SPC software provides speed and knowledge allowing you to optimize quality.  

As a leader in the quality software market, our sole focus is to create the best statistical process control, SPC, software. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer a suite of real-time Synergy SPC software products that adhere to the empirical rules and methodology of SPC.  When you partner with Zontec, software implementation is quick and easy. Our customer testimonials confirm that long and costly training sessions are not required. User-friendly Synergy SPC creates tremendous return on investment.

Our unique suite of products include global software that connects your operations and supply chain into one complete solution, enterprise based solutions, and even a single-user product that you can buy now online and start using today. No matter your size or organization’s complexity, Zontec has the best SPC software solution because it easily integrates with your existing systems. It gives your entire organization new insights and intelligence optimizing decision-making focused on improving quality. The software also saves you money, time and provides a high level of confidence in the parts being produced.

Quality professionals are responsible for implementing solutions to problems.

When it comes to understanding process variation, Synergy SPC real-time quality software helps you find and understand the sources of variation in your process letting you select the most important issues to apply resources against. Our powerful SPC software is user-friendly. Shop floor operators do not have to know about statistical process control. Synergy SPC software is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. The restricted access and safeguards built into the software eliminate data changes and reduce errors helping shop floor operators have a positive feeling from the start.

Gain time and confidence when you move from paper and pencil to real-time automation.

Quality engineers benefit from having more time and job satisfaction when Synergy SPC software is in place. Real-time data empowers shop floor operators to work independently. The software streamlines your workload and improves communication. It includes robust features including, real-time alerts, oversight dashboards, one-click charts, presentation-ready reports, and complete access to any level of detail so you can quickly understand a situation and solve problems. Synergy 3000, our premium product, connects the companies own operations and supply chain partners into one meaningful, organized data set for real-time monitoring.

Request a Synergy SPC software demonstration to experience the power and ease-of-use. We serve all kinds of industries. We have multiple SPC software programs designed to meet the needs of your entire organization. Let us walk you through a live demo and show you the built-in power. When we are through, you will have so many ideas about how to apply Synergy SPC to improve your quality that you will want to get started right away.

Consider the value and return on investment you receive from removing uncertainty from your manufacturing process. You will enjoy more freedom and satisfaction as you continually improve your process to levels you never thought possible.

Zontec has a family of products to fit your specific needs – you only pay for what you need now. When you grow, use the Investment Retention program to retain 100% of the original investment made to upgrade to a more advanced Synergy SPC software product.


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