The Book of Statistical Process Control from Zontec SPC Software

The book of Statistical Software Control (SPC) from Zontec

Zontec’s popular Book of Statistical Process Control (SPC) is available as a free eBook to members of the quality assurance community.

It is a second edition and the fifth printing of The Book of Statistical Process Control since its 2002 release.

Zontec wrote this book for the non-statistician. You will find examples of Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods, techniques and calculations. The book explains the value of SPC as a quality improvement tool and driver of business success.

This 206-page work draws on Zontec’s 35+ years of experience with manufacturing applications, SPC software development, and automating data collection from plant floor systems and hardware devices. Each chapter features examples, charts, tables, diagrams, and check sheets easily adapted to the reader’s own environment.

From the shop floor to the boardroom, every manufacturer can benefit from The Book of Statistical Process Control. It is an easy reference guide for your Quality Department.

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