Whether you have manual, automated or a mixture of the two types of production, understanding your process variation is an essential aspect of overall quality. 

All manufacturers, as they move through the stages of manufacturing automation, should be thinking about how technology impacts the way they understand and measure process variation to drive overall quality improvement. While quality goals typically remain the same from a manual to an automated plant, how you use technology is experiencing important changes. It is a critical time. The decisions you make today will likely contribute to your ability to remain competitive in the future. This is the time to steer clear of complicated software implementations. Instead, improve your manufacturing process by using providers who offer dedicated integration products for a complete quality solution and a smooth, error-free transition.

Real-time Quality Insights Are Important in Manufacturing Automation 

Manufacturing Automation and Quality Insights Using SPC Software

Collecting quality data within a manufacturing automation facility doesn’t have to be complicated. Zontec SPC tools allow easy integration with SynergySPC software.

In this time-sensitive automated environment, it is essential for quality practices to keep pace and provide relevant, timely information. Receiving real-time insights is even more critical due to the fast pace of production and potential for sizeable increases in waste and rework. Because many manufactures find they have multiple interfaces, which may include CMMs, PLCs, SCADA, CNCs, LIMS, ERPs and MESs, automated quality data capture can be complex. That’s why finding flexible real-time statistical process control (SPC) software integration products for an automated, multi-platform data capture environment is so important.

Automatically Collect Quality Data from Multiple Interfaces and Measuring Systems

As companies realize the way they’ve done it in the past just won’t work, it is now more common to have companies transition to high-performance SPC software products. Solving your SPC software automation needs is exceptionally easy with the Multi-Function Toolbox and Dynamic Link Library integration products from Zontec. These products work seamlessly with Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, and Synergy 3000. Anyone can use the Multi-function Toolbox, a plug and play module used to acquire quality data from multiple measurement systems and seamlessly transfer it to the Synergy software, for real-time quality insights. If you need to customize and specify quality data input structures, the powerful Dynamic Link Library (DLL) product gives your information technology (IT) team an easy way to share data between measuring systems, SynergySPC and your databases.

Manufacturing Automation Requires the Transfer of High Volumes of Quality Data

The flexibility of the Multi-Function Toolbox is unmatched in its ability to transfer high volumes of data in multiple formats from any automated measurement or vision system to Zontec SynergySPC software. The best part is, anyone can set it up and it runs unattended. It takes a few clicks to configure and start collecting error-free quality data continually using the time frame you established in the setup. Operators truly enjoy the automated quality data transfer and real-time alerts because it removes the tedious task of manual data collection and allows them to focus on other opportunities to improve efficiency.

The powerful Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is amazingly easy for IT programmers to construct the connection to SynergySPC data files because we provide them with straightforward access to the SynergySPC data structures. This DLL integration product allows for customized data transfer from measurement devices into SynergySPC, facilitates the extraction of data out of SynergySPC, as well as sharing SynergySPC data throughout your manufacturing network.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software for Automated Production Lines

No matter where you are in the implementation of automation in your manufacturing process, we have a suite of SPC software products designed to fit your needs. We want to help you put a complete SPC software solution in place to improve your quality and deliver a return on investment now and into the future.

Manufacturing Automation and Zontec SPC Software

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