The architecture of how Synergy SPC Software utilizes Cloud Computing in your enterprise.Zontec has announced that its Synergy 3000™ Statistical Process Control (SPC) software fully supports the cloud computing model. Designed from the outset so that users can gather organize and report on the huge data sets required by real-time statistical process control over the Internet, Synergy 3000 in a cloud computing environment satisfies a business’ need for a complete quality collaboration tool, enabling any authorized computer user anywhere in the world to:

  • Collect data
  • Monitor process status
  • React to adverse events
  • Manage and troubleshoot the process
  • Prevent problems from being passed along to the next link in the supply chain
  • Track and trace
  • Exchange information with others and
  • Make sound business decisions based on accurate and reliable SPC data in a secure computing environment

To fully understand  how SPC software can work via a “private cloud,” click on the image.