SPC Software Can Increase Workers’ Productivity

Picture of a man using SPC software on manufacturing floor.According to the Manufacturing Institute and MAPI (Manufacturing Alliance for Productivity and Innovation) 2011 Structural Cost Report, the two greatest factors contributing to the increase in costs to manufacturers are corporate tax rates and employee benefits. This means that employees need to be operating at optimal efficiency to effectively manage the production process. One way to reduce costs and increase personnel productivity is to automate as much SPC data collection as possible.

Here are some Synergy customers who have been able to do just that:


“We also estimate we are saving approximately 30% of an operator’s day due to data entry…Using Synergy 2000 we have eliminated data entry errors. We are able to measure that a part completely and save 30% of our time doing it,” remarked Ted Black, QA Manager for the A.P. Plasman-Windsor Plant.

“We’re running 2 shifts with 2 quality people. It used to take 3 quality people. Implementing Synergy is saving us 14 man-hours a day,” said Wayne Maurer, Quality Manager for MET Plastics.

“We had a good relationship with our largest customer, but using Synergy has really improved that relationship. He has been very pleased with the data we are able to give to him. Using Synergy we have really eliminated the possibility of human error in the information we are providing him,” said Stuart Ray, Quality Manager for Foam Design.

“We have over 110 pieces of equipment with over 22,000 items we monitor. We needed something that could capture this data instantly, enable our operators to monitor their processes across up to 6 machines and, if appropriate, take corrective action. We needed data immediately available that would monitor a process from start to finish that can involve up to 1 million pieces,”commented Mike Woznicki, Quality Manager for SPIROL International Corporation.

“Synergy saves us about 45 minutes of the operators’ time from how we operated previously. When you calculate this across 22 machines that comes out to about 33 man-hours a day,” said Scott Chambers, Quality Facilitator for Schoeneck Containers Inc. (SCI).

“Since implementing Synergy, the reduction in paperwork is huge. Before, every entry took us about 3-½ minutes per sample size and now it takes us only less than 30 seconds. There are 240 critical characteristics we could be measuring at any given time. Using Synergy has saved us about 12 man-hours per day,” remarked Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear and Assembly.

How much time and money could increased productivity save your company with automated data collection  and automatic retrieval of SPC Software data? Like our customers above, implement a Synergy software solution today to realize these benefits.