You can achieve better quality by easily detecting and preventing manufacturing problems before they turn into costly waste, rework, downtime, and increased burden for your organization.

You can take your quality to the next level by understanding the sources of variation in your process when you use a high-performance, real-time, statistical process control (SPC) software product from Zontec. 

Does This Sound like Your Quality Team?

  • Do you get pulled in many different directions with pressure to quickly solve quality problems without the data and evidence you need?
  • Are you burned out from working long hours and constantly stressing about the average outgoing quality of your products?
  • Do you currently collect SPC data but can’t easily access the information you need to make accurate decisions?
  • Are you experiencing waste, rework, downtime, customer complaints and/or failed audits?
  • Do you get bogged down in the small details and end up with limited time to focus on the big picture?

We Understand Your Challenges

We realize how complicated it is to make accurate, data-driven decisions that solve problems and improve quality if you aren’t using or perhaps don’t have the best SPC software. There is frustration in having to communicate quality issues in a logical, detailed, yet uncomplicated way. We have experience working with thousands of companies, ranging from some of the largest brands in the world to stand-alone companies focused on achieving world-class quality. We understand the challenges involved in removing uncertainty from your process so you can make repeatable, reliable products with management support and buy-in. Our time-tested SPC software accelerates quality decision-making and delivers ongoing value to your organization.

SPC software

Make smarter, data-driven quality decisions with SPC software from Zontec

Process Improvement Made Easy

Are you ready to make the shift to real-time SPC software that quickly delivers quality insights and return on investment (ROI), is easy-to-use even though it has complex, powerful features, and offers an endless ability to analyze real-time and historical quality data? If this is important, then you can benefit from Zontec SynergySPC software. At Zontec, we believe quality and profitability go hand-in-hand. You can trust the real-time analytics and data insights from SynergySPC because our software follows the empirical rules and methodology of SPC. Real-time alerts let you set and automatically monitor your process to save you time and effort. We make communication easy with our broad range of instant reports, flexible data query tools, and one-click email of reports and charts that can easily be added to presentations.

Get More Value from SynergySPC Software

You get more when you buy SPC software from Zontec. You benefit from our unique, innovative software and our real-life knowledge about the manufacturing environment. Additionally, if you need software customization, you get a flexible, capable partner. We know one software solution doesn’t fit all so we developed a suite of SPC products including, Synergy 100, Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, and Synergy 3000. Once we match the right software to you, the buying, installing, learning and using phases are fast and straightforward. If you experience employee turnover, we support your training needs so you seamlessly continue to maximize your quality potential and increase your return on investment. Our in-house development and technical support teams allow us to constantly evaluate cutting-edge features and technology that we regularly introduce in our software upgrades. As your business grows and you decide to step up to the next product, you are covered by the Zontec 100% Investment Retention program.

SPC Software Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Taking your quality to the next level isn’t complicated when you partner with Zontec. Here are a few highlights about our software that create value and give you a quick return on investment.

  • Schedule just one-day of training to learn SynergySPC – even for power users and software administrators! Focusing on the manufacturing user, we created a suite of powerful SPC software products so easy-to-use they require minimal training.
  • Visualize and analyze real-time and historical data with one-click access to an extensive variety of information-rich, real-time charts, alerts and reports that help you solve quality issues and supports the timely exchange of information. You can finally get a handle on shop-floor data because it is immediately available throughout the company.
  • Compatible SynergySPC software lets you capture data manually but data can also be automatically imported from connected gages and devices, databases, excel files and seamlessly from CMMs, PLCs, and vision systems.

Three Simple Steps to Start:

The choice is yours. You can do nothing to improve your quality levels or you can see measurable quality improvements and increased customer satisfaction by taking these three steps to see if SynergySPC software from Zontec is right for you.

  1. Assess Needs and Select SPC Software: Schedule a 30-minute phone call to determine if you are ready to invest in SPC software. Discover which product, Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, Synergy 3000 or a customized solution is best for your unique environment. Call: 513-648-9695
  2. SynergySPC Software Demo: Attend a webinar where we demonstrate the high-performance features and ease-of-use built into SynergySPC software. During the live webinar, we show you SPC tools that help you make data-driven decisions to reduce waste, cost, and risk during the manufacturing process. You can take part in Q&A throughout the demonstration.
  3. Implement and See Results: Congratulations, you purchased SynergySPC software and it shipped to you. After a few minutes to install, you will begin using real-time data insights to create value beyond the obvious savings of reduced waste and rework.

Harness the power of real-time SPC data to make smarter quality decisions – with Zontec.

Take Your Quality to the Next Level

Experience the Power and Ease-of-Use of Synergy SPC with a Software Demonstration



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