Reduce Scrap, Rework, and Downtime with SPC Software

Reduce Scrap, Rework, and Downtime with SPC SoftwareIn today’s competitive landscape, you need to leverage every quality management tool possible to help you gain and maintain an industry-leading edge. This is where statistical process control (SPC) software can empower your company to continually improve your processes to reduce scrap, rework, and downtime. You can rely on easy-to-use, real-time software to ensure that your processes stay in control which helps you deliver your product on time and within budget. Consider these success stories. When you are ready, we are happy to discuss your priorities and unique needs and share with you

Reduce Scrap Rate

SPC software can serve as a great training program for your employees. It can assist in process improvement and, in turn, reduce the scrap rate much like management achieved at Trident Precision Manufacturing. Using a more robust system that allows for management of supply chain quality across the enterprise elevates scrap reduction to significant levels. Some users like LMPsrl, have achieved a 20% reduction. This reduction in waste is quickly realized in the form of real dollars saved.

Looking for answers on reducing scrap, rework, downtime? Zontec’s SynergySPC can help but the first step is speaking to one of our experts who can get you acquainted with SPC software.

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Reduce Rework

Another way to saving money is the ability to considerably decrease the amount of rework you are performing. With SPC  you get the visibility to see when a process is trending towards going out of control. You will be able to make adjustments so the process doesn’t go out-of-control. This has the effect of  saving a tremendous amount of repackaging for a food processing company like Oregon Freeze Dry.

For those who choose one of SynergySPC’s solutions like Synergy 1000, they find that the whole effort is a lot more user-friendly because users can run SPC in real-time. This way if anything goes out-of-specification, an email notification is generated to the supervisor at their desk instead of having to physically be on the shop floor. For example, in the past, the users wouldn’t know if they were trending or not at Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc. (DFFI).

Reduce Downtime

Synergy SPC Software Customizable Standard Report Displaying 4 Charts.With a product like Synergy 1000, SPC users are able to monitor critical characteristics daily in an effective, real-time, proactive, manner and predict if the processes or the tools are trending towards going out-of-control. This has been especially useful at plastics industry leader Cumberland Plastics Solutions.

Using a corporate-wide cloud-based system to monitor suppliers provide visibility into processes so users have improved control and can be proactive vs. reactive to issues in the value chain. Grakon, LLC has accomplished and reduced downtime significantly.

In some cases the data shows that a particular machine is trending towards being out-of-control, users can then take corrective action. With this, the SPC software can help ensure that your production process meets our daily goals and delivers a quality product. Our Synergy 2000 has helped Amantea, LLC increase their uptime by 10 to 15%.