What is the benefit of real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) alerts? SPC software with real-time alerts improves a quality engineers ability to minimize violations and reduce scrap, rework, and waste. Providing immediate feedback, real-time alerts are an SPC tool that helps your company recognize and eliminate process variation before it negatively affects your bottom line.

Full-featured SPC software should be able to trigger real-time process alerts so you are warned of critical quality issues and trends. Predicting and identify errors early allows you to keep on top of issues and even prevent them before they interrupt production. With SPC software, like SynergySPC from Zontec, you can easily select alerts that align with the parameters required for your business. The software detects issues and trends allowing you to eliminate scrap, rework, and waste. Our customers confirm that real-time alerts are essential for improved quality.

There are several types of alerts available in SynergySPC software. Here are a few ways SynergySPC software warns you about critical quality issues:

Real-time Alert for Out of Spec (OOS)

Meeting customer requirements is critically important because out-of-spec violations create scrap, rework, overtime, and possible shipment delays which impacts your bottom line. SPC software from Zontec has robust alert features to make sure you and your team are fully informed when production is not meeting a specification. Operators immediately see color-coded indicators telling them the specification status of every data point entered. SynergySPC alerts the operator when an entered data point falls outside the customer specification, every time it occurs. Data entry cannot continue until the operator acknowledges and clears the alert ensuring that they are fully engaged and don’t miss a critical event.

The SynergySPC software can be customized to communicate specification nonconformance in several ways. At any time, you can target individuals to receive an out of spec email or text message for each characteristic you are measuring. For example, the line supervisor will receive only the emails/texts relating to the production for which he/she is responsible, while the quality engineer can select to receive emails/texts for any or all specifications throughout the plant. Remember, all the alerts are automatic and real-time giving you confidence in your process and freeing your time up for other responsibilities.

The unique, proprietary manager dashboard delivers instant visibility of all processes using dedicated symbols that can be understood at-a-glance. This time-saving feature directs the manager’s attention to the most critical specification problems across the entire organization. This unique and powerful SynergySPC tool builds confidence from the boardroom to the shop floor.

SPC software real-time process alerts warn of critical quality issues and trends. Zontec SynergySPC Software

Real-time Alert for Out of Control (OOC)

Control over the manufacturing process is the greatest path to stability. This control gives the entire organization confidence that customer orders will always be produced in a reliable and repeatable way. If something jeopardizes this expectation of consistency, it is important to receive real-time alerts to find and correct the issue before it becomes a major problem.

With Synergy statistical process control software, operators use real-time color-coded indicators and alerts to control issues as they occur. At the same time, email and text alerts notify the appropriate people across the organization to solve the immediate issue. The SynergySPC dashboard features unique shapes and colors allowing managers to efficiently monitor manufacturing stability and respond faster to opportunities because real-time information is at their fingertips. SPC tools, like automatic alerts and the manager dashboard, take only seconds to create and will save time and money by reducing scrap and rework before it occurs.

Real-time Alert for Trending Data

Since no process is the same, SynergySPC trend analysis is customizable letting you determine what alert triggering tests to apply to your quality data. In other words, you configure the software to your manufacturing process by selecting industry appropriate trend analyses and then further customizing them to your specific needs. These one-click settings are easy to access and activate. Once selected the alerts are automatic and real-time. SynergySPC trend alerts let you focus on potential problems before they occur.

Alert for Cpk Value

Cpk value is an important measure for maintaining process stability over time. Monitoring when a Cpk value drops below target allows you to proactively adjust the process. It also gives you confidence that you will reliably meet customer specifications over time. SynergySPC tools allow you to set and automatically monitor Cpk values. Operator on-screen pop-up notification and email/text alerts keep the entire organization informed when a change has occurred. Managers also have real-time visibility through a color-coded dashboard allowing them to check for overall stability. This predictive and actionable information impacts your ability to meet customer specifications now and into the future.

Documenting Causes and Corrective Actions when Real-time Alerts Occur

Automated note pop-up windows, a valuable SynergySPC feature, are tied to alerts and provide information for diagnosing causes for out of control data. The notes make it very easy for operators to document causes and corrective actions as out of control data points are entered. Automatic note entry can be required for out of spec (OOS) data, out of control (OOC), and/or trend test violations.

Zontec Real-Time SPC Software Prevents Quality Problems Before They Occur

SynergySPC real-time software plays an important role in removing uncertainty and maintaining process stability because it uses accurate statistical process control methodologies combined with real-time alerts for monitoring and managing your current manufacturing process and predicting future production performance. SynergySPC from Zontec is your powerful, easy, and accurate SPC solution.



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