Get Real-Time Visibility into Your Quality Data for a Robust Return On Investment

When you decide to take control of quality in your organization, you will be amazed at the bottom line impact from standalone statistical process control, SPC, software from Zontec. 

The ability to continually reinvent and improve quality will be limited only by the SPC software you select and the curiosity of your quality team. From the shop floor to the executive suite, the unmatched power, quality, and ease-of-use that Zontec SPC software delivers to your organization will quickly improve your return on investment.

When it comes to quality control, manufacturing success stories prove that Zontec creates harmony between producing the right quality specification, minimizing production delays and reducing costs associated with scrap, rework and waste. The easy-to-use Synergy SPC family of software products from Zontec is designed by experts, adheres to the empirical rules and methodology of SPC, and requires minimal training to implement. Synergy SPC gathers real-time quality data about various stages of the manufacturing process. With just a mouse-click, the software quickly performs statistical analysis and produces professional charts and reports. This leads to data-driven decision-making that is critical to solving problems, saving time and keeping the production process in control.

Executive teams and quality engineers at forward-thinking companies understand that producing high-quality parts creates a sustainable competitive advantage and wins new business. Zontec SPC software engages your organization and empowers them to fully participate in your quality initiatives.

Easy for Shop Floor Operators to Use

With Synergy SPC software, the shop floor operator collects data and views process performance in real-time. Our customer feedback verifies that the logical structure of Synergy SPC software makes it simple and easy-to-learn. Additional benefits to the shop floor operator include:

  • Data entry is quick, logical and easy with safeguards to reduce errors
  • Process performance is viewed in real-time
  • On-screen access to work instructions, documents, videos, images, and links
  • Easy-to-create customer ready reports
  • No accidental data changes are possible because the operator has restricted access

Quality Engineers Drive Quality Improvement with Synergy SPC Software

Quality engineers perform analysis and decision-making. They also determine inputs and critical performance measures for the software settings that lead to quality improvements. Fast and efficient, Synergy SPC software improves return on investment, ROI, by reducing scrap, rejects, waste, lowering the cost of goods and reducing warranty claims. Additional areas of improvement include:

  • Rework
  • Delays
  • Re-design
  • Shortages
  • Failure analysis
  • Inspection Costs
  • Downtime
  • Lack of flexibility and adaptability in manufacturing
  • Customer complaints and returns
  • Warranty claims
  • Recalls
  • Customer negative experiences or bad will
  • Loss due to sales reduction
  • Excessive overtime

Synergy SPC software saves time and supports the engineer in a variety of ways:

  • Quick and easy setup and easy integration with existing systems
  • Easy-to-train shop floor operators to comply with company standards
  • Powerful, structured and logical Synergy SPC software is easy-to-use
  • Empirical application of SPC rules and methodology for a true understanding of your process
  • Professional reports and alerts facilitate data-driven decisions and meaningful communication
  • Fast, single-click data visualization charts are easy to understand and aid decision-making
  • Evaluate real-time data in macro and micro detail
  • Immensely fast access to historical data for trend analysis
  • Ability to consistently produce high-quality goods and creates confidence
  • Improved productivity with automated Synergy SPC software – free up valuable time
  • Flexibility to meet your unique business needs
  • Mature, stable software is reliable
  • No routine maintenance required
  • New feature updates and unlimited support with a Service Agreement

Real-Time Visibility for Managers

The manager level, a feature in Synergy 2000 and Synergy 3000, gives operations visibility to the designated manager in large complex organizations. Synergy SPC software manager level allows the user to take control of quality with the following key features:

  • View and send top-level reports for easy communication
  • Customize the real-time dashboard as a gateway to access data
  • Query to view detail data from the high-level dashboard
  • Monitor the scoreboard report card
  • View performance status using the Cpk alarm dashboard

Zontec SPC Software is Your Tool to Achieve Quality as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage 

Zontec software is so powerful that it lets you reinvent quality into a sustainable competitive advantage. When you take control of quality, your company reputation and sales growth can be built on the confidence that you provide durable, high-quality products to your loyal, long-term customers. In addition, understanding that the power of quality can transform your brand image to defend and grow your market share.

The customer benefits when a manufacturer uses SPC software from Zontec. In some cases, customers require a manufacturer to implement an SPC program as a condition of doing business. There is no question that both parties benefit regardless of who initiates the purchase of SPC software. Your customers will:

  • Receive reliable, high-quality products that create trust and loyalty
  • Trust supplier for consistent quality products/parts
  • Receive durable, competitively priced products because the manufacturer can produce the right quality and minimize added costs
  • Receive SPC software quality documentation to validate shipments

Synergy SPC software is your digital transformation solution to take quality to the next level now and into the future. Continuous quality improvement starts with empowering your team with the most capable, stable and easy-to-use statistical process control software, Synergy SPC.

Take control of quality. 

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