News from Zontec and the Synergy Real-time SPC Software Suite

On a timely basis Zontec releases significant, new Synergy statistical process control software giving you all the professional real-time SPC charts, analysis and reports needed to check and discover the stability and capability of your process. User-friendly new updates include technology improvements and features based on customer feedback.We always design Synergy software for ease-of-use so quality teams can quickly identify process variation, solve problems, and increase product quality so you can optimize your processes. 

In case you missed it, Zontec real-time SPC software launches include Synergy 1000+ and Synergy 2000 v 11.0.  Global companies can benefit from our newly updated Synergy 3000 whitepaper. It identifies how real-time statistical process control software can have a profound impact on quality on a global scale.

New Synergy 1000+

Zontec is very pleased to announce the launch of Synergy 1000+ real-time SPC software.

Synergy 1000+ incorporates a fast and easy-to-use Operator module. The Operator provides access only to the data collection, charting, and reporting features needed to monitor shop floor operations. This extra layer of security eliminates the need for operators, without statistical process control experience, to have broad access to Synergy 1000.

Contact us for more information about the features in Synergy 1000+. 


New Synergy 2000 v 11.0 

Synergy 2000 Real-time SPC Software Image

Synergy 2000 SPC Software

In April, Zontec released new enhancements in Synergy 2000 v 11.0 to its current worldwide customers under the Zontec Annual Service Agreement Plan. This software is now available to all manufacturers who want versatile control charts, data trends, and reports. A few new features include:

  • Easily define the Cpk levels for operator action and automatic email notifications. 
  • Use the new manager level Process Capability (Cpk) index dashboard to display each of the alarm conditions for your overall process. 
  • View real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) as the OEE dashboard calculates and reports Performance Efficiency (PE), Rate of Quality Product (ROQP), and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Use Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard to access, track, and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency.

Find out what’s new in Synergy 2000 v 11.0.


Synergy 3000 Global Real-time SPC Whitepaper

Achieving global real-time SPC that maximizes manufacturing capacity within a company’s own plant network and supply chain partners adds growth opportunities in a highly competitive, global marketplace. If you are focused on sustainable competitive advantages, Synergy 3000 will support cost reduction as well as consistent quality improvement worldwide in multiple facilities.

Learn more about how Synergy 3000 helps you focus on quality up and down the supply chain. 


Take Your Quality Program to the Next Level

Working with manufactures of all sizes, we’ve experienced every type of quality management program. We realize many are still thinking about getting started with statistical process control software. Whether you manually collect quality data with paper and pencil or are a worldwide enterprise with a complex mix of manufactured and sourced supply chain partners, we can evaluate your needs and match you with a Synergy real-time SPC product. Our customer testimonials show that no matter what manufacturing sector you are in, Synergy SPC software makes an impact on day one because of how easy it is to learn and use.


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