Courtesy: Flickr: jphilipg

Courtesy: Flickr: jphilipg

Keys to Kick-starting Your SPC Program.

The biggest challenges with transitioning to SPC can lie in culture change and gaining confidence. These only come with the passage of time.

Be Patient when Transitioning to SPC.

Don’t expect everyone to jump on the SPC bandwagon at once.Some people are intimidated by statistics. In the beginning, when people are learning process control, there will be additional tasks involved. Some people will undoubtedly complain about the extra work involved. As people learn and apply SPC methods, preventing problems will gradually replace fixing them.

Train and identify internal consultants

Management should keep an eye on the transition to SPC. Old ways die hard, so be patient and persistent. Problems often occur at this stage because people feel they lack the skills needed to do the work. If more training is needed, provide it.

To help smooth the transition process, there must be someone workers can go to with questions or to mediate disputes over chart information. This is where your internal consultants come in. Control charts are easy to make, but sometimes interpreting them is difficult. It may take time for workers to feel comfortable with their decisions to act or not act. But there is no substitute for experience.

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