Kick-starting Your SPC Program – The Production Team’s Role


In the first installment of our series we explored how to help make your program a success by ensuring your team is educated about SPC concepts.  Last week we dug deeper to discover the importance of creating a culture of confidence and patience.  We also highlighted the need for training internal consultants in the process of transitioning to SPC.

The Production Team's Role in SPC

Credit: flickr: Jim Bahn

This week we examine the production team’s role in implementing and making your SPC program successful.

3.) The Production Team’s Role.  

Your “eyes on the street”

The production team is vital to the success of the program, because they have the best view of the process. Only production workers know firsthand the current practices and problems on the floor. Chances are they have a good sense of their equipment’s capabilities and how to tweak it to make it do what they want.

As improvements are adopted, the production team will also know they are further maximizing their time.  In actual case studies, we have found estimates that clients using the Synergy Suite are saving approximately 30% of an operator’s day due to data entry. Synergy virtually eliminates data entry errors giving your team the time to focus on other value-added activities that include refining processes that are in front of them daily.

Empowerment and “buy-in”

Your production team can be empowered to take – or at least suggest – corrective action; therefore, problem solving must include their input. Without the team’s input, process improvements are likely to be short lived. If the production team is not invested, has not helped co-create solutions, or they don’t agree with the proposed solution, they may simply “forget” to do it that way.  If they’ve helped come up with a solution, they’ll want to see it work.

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This content is from Zontec’s The Book of Statistical Process Control.  You can download a free copy here.