Kick-starting Your SPC Program – Educate Your Team

Today we begin our series on the 6 Keys to Kick-starting Your SPC ProgramThis is a screen shot of the Synergy SPC Software Manager Level viewing all the processes in real-time.

To make your SPC program a success, your company must be educated about SPC concepts. Show employees what SPC can do for your company. You may have to sell them on the concepts of continuous improvement and process control, as well as teach them how SPC works. Teach them to focus on the process and not the outputs.

1.) Educate your team.  

First and foremost is education.  Simply put, To make your program a success, your company must be educated about SPC concepts.

Find Inefficiency

One place to begin before you educate your team is with a study of your production process and the costs of poor quality. How? Look at the amount of scrap and rework, what it costs to replace or repair poor quality, and the cost of additional labor incurred. Consider how much time is spent resolving customer complaints. Have you lost customers because of poor quality? Factor this in as well. Then, look at how much your company could save by controlling your process.


Controlling your process means preventing problems instead of fixing them. Eliminating non-conformities means you’ll save money. Instead of repairing defects, your employees can redeploy their efforts, so you’ll see an increase in productivity. Better quality also helps create customer loyalty. Look at how SPC can improve your process and your bottom line.

Whom do you educate?

Start with the top. Your program won’t succeed unless you have the support of top management. You’ll have to show why the company needs SPC. For this group, focus on benefits, measurable results, savings and contributions to the corporate bottom line. They’ll also need to understand SPC techniques well enough to have faith in the results and invest in its success. In many cases, the implementation cost will be recouped quickly—often in as little as a few months or even weeks. Management must spend the time to thoroughly understand SPC theories and charting. After all, some very important business decisions will be made from chart information.

Next, educate engineering and quality control people. These groups are likely to spearhead the initial efforts and should be trained as “internal” consultants that can help identify and resolve problems. Finally, operators and production supervisors must understand what the charts are for and what they show. They must be trained to read charts and to act to correct the process when the charts show it is necessary.

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This content is from Zontec’s The Book of Statistical Process Control.  You can download a free copy here.