Keyence IM System Interface Module for SynergySPC

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Zontec offers an interface module designed to automatically save measurement data from the Keyence unit directly into SynergySPC software. Keyence Corporation of America is a leading company in the development of image dimension measuring systems for the manufacturing industries.

Current Synergy users have used this Keyence interface module with great success. It has helped significantly with automated data collection. Brian Kropp, Quality Control Manager for Fastco Industries in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is excited with what used to take them 30 minutes to enter 300 data points into the software, now takes 30 seconds due to the auto export module. This is a 77% time saver for Keyence measured dimensions. The upcoming release of the Synergy Multi-function Toolbox v 3.0 will include a Keyence Interface Module to automate the setup and transfer of data to either the Synergy 1000 or Synergy 2000 products.

In cooperation with Zontec’s software development, Keyence offers a free add-on “v3.52” that will allow the user to automatically save measurement results in the file. Options available with Keyence IM controller allows you to automatically generate text files containing the measurement data and up to 4 fields of identifying information (Lot No., Serial Counter, Judgement, Name).

The Keyence Interface Module is designed to simplify the initial setup and continued communication between the Keyence Image Measurement Systems and Synergy SPC software. The Module will create and configure the data files for you based on the information provided in the Keyence’s output file and continue to transfer additional data based upon a specified time increment.

When the first data file is transferred, the Keyence Interface Module will create the associated data files to receive the data. The specification limits for each characteristic would be based upon the Design Value/Tolerance setup in the Keyence IM Controller. The data files would also track the Lot No., Serial Counter, Judgement, Name and Number included in the file with the measurement values.  This automated data collection process has eliminated manual data input by the technician and reduced mistakes made during the data entry by a person.

Robert Ortiz, Project Manager for Keyence Corporation of America, commented that “the use of software such as the Zontec SynergySPC software takes the capability of measurement systems like the Keyence Instant Measurement system and allows users to unlock the full potential of their data. Easy to read charts, reports, and trend data at the supervisor’s fingertips. All sent over the network and automatically collected. Be it, across the room or across the facility. We are pleased at how well the software integrates and the amount of additional power the software provides its users.”