Insights from SynergySPC Real-Time
Software Improves Visibility into Your
Manufacturing Process Leading to
Quality Improvements.

SPC software from Zontec is proven to remove uncertainty
from your manufacturing process so you make repeatable,
reliable, high-quality products.


SPC Software is easy to use when it’s powered by

Synergy SPC is the most powerful, easy-to-use SPC software available. Trusted by leading manufacturers across different industries and companies of all sizes, it has innovative features that save you time and money by empowering your decisions with real-time quality data insights. It is highly advantageous to have the following SPC software features:


  • Unique one-screen environment allows quick and easy visualization of critical information to take your quality program to the next level.
  • Saving you time, one-click access to quickly understand variations in your process with a variety of quality charts, analytical tools, enterprise-wide communication and reporting.
  • Start visualizing your production process with just one day of training.
  • Capture data manually, through directly connected gages and devices, or seamlessly import data from CMMs, PLCs, vision systems, and more.

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Zontec Synergy 2000 SPC software

Shop-floor operators see real-time colored status indicators and images with work instructions to minimize production slowdowns and reduce errors.

SPC software Synergy 2000 from Zontec

Visualize your process throughout the enterprise with a variety of charts that reflect data in real-time, as it is entered.   Secure access for operators, engineers and managers.