How SPC Software Helps Reduce Defects

Synergy SPC software engineer level showing charts, visuals, and error messages.

Synergy SPC software showing error message

Statistical Process Control (SPC) software helps companies reduce defects by enabling operators and quality personnel to spot trends that lead to defects before they occur. With instant access to data about the entire production process, operators and quality managers can view processes in real-time and take preventative action to prevent defects. This saves the company money by reducing scrap, rework and increasing user productivity.

“We are daily able to monitor critical characteristics in an effective, real-time, proactive manner and predict if the processes or the tools are trending towards going out-of-control,” said Aditya Deshpande, Quality Assurance Manager for Cumberland Plastics Solutions.

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“Since using Synergy 3000, we have reduced our scrap rate by 20%. We now know where we had waste in our process, realistic values to base our key performance indicators on, and how to improve our margins,” said Fedele D’Alessandro, General Manager for LMPsrl.

“We are saving money because we have decreased considerably the amount of rework we are performing. Now we have the visibility to see when a process is trending towards going out-of-control. We can make adjustments so it doesn’t go out-of-control—saving us a tremendous amount of repackaging,” said Tim Stutzman, Manufacturing Systems Analyst for Oregon Freeze Dry.

“Once we implemented Synergy 1000, we immediately saw results. For us, a process that used to take a day was reduced to an hour and ½. Synergy easily paid for itself in a couple of weeks,” said Bob Hayes, VP of Engineering Services for Foam Design.