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We describe quality pain as the nonstop worry that your process is not efficient and you might be producing bad parts that are costing your company money and increasing risk. Taking risks with quality is dangerous, especially if you are doing so without verifiable data-driven insights. Unfortunately, many companies still take risks with quality every day. They might lack knowledge or awareness that solutions are available to monitor and improve quality or maybe they can’t get management approval to spend money on a solution. Because every company is different, the amount of pain and risk they can tolerate is unique.

Quality pain is like physical pain; it is a signal that tells you something is wrong. There are many operational signals that point out your company is experiencing quality pain. If you have open, transparent communication with your team, then you know when and where they feel pain. If you aren’t close to the pain source, then you might want to look for signs that things aren’t going smoothly. Each company and industry has different symptoms. Do you know yours?

How to Talk About Quality Pain at Your Company

Because pain is subjective, the field of medicine created a “pain scale” to help people communicate their pain levels. Maybe you saw a graphic like the one below hanging on the wall of your doctor’s office or in a hospital room. Here is what a typical pain scale along with the associated meaning for each level looks like.

Picture of a pain scale

Manufacturing scrap, rework and waste are examples of common symptoms for quality pain.


We asked ourselves, what would a quality pain scale look like? We used conversations with customers and prospects to fill in typical examples of pain from discomfort all the way to unimaginable pain. Listed below are examples for each level. If you have a story or suggestion about the scale, please email us at spcinfo@zontec.com.


  • Compiling customer quality reports and metrics is very time-consuming
  • Invalid shop floor work instructions leads to rework and scrap


  • Constant worry about producing bad parts
  • Ad-hoc quality and management that continuously fights fires


  • Manufacturing events that cause significant waste, rework or scrap
  • Late customer shipments caused by out of specification product
  • Losing customers to rivals because of low quality and customer complaints


  • Events that lessen your brand equity and valuation
  • Expensive product recall

Zontec Can Reduce Your Pain Level With Real-Time SPC

As you uncover quality pain that exists within your organization and decide it’s time to take action, let Zontec help you assess how statistical process control (SPC) software can fit your needs. Our experts listen to your pain points and match you with the right combination of SPC software products so you can improve manufacturing quality and increase your return on investment.

Many of our high-performance and forward thinking SPC software features include:

  • Automated alerts
  • Alerts and visuals for operators
  • Real-time charting
  • Easy quality reports for customers
  • Tracking variable and attribute data
  • One-click process and capability information
  • Multi-user access and easy data share outside the organization
  • Flexible data traceability and data querying
  • Quick and easy access to historical data
  • Centralized supporting documentation


If you have quality pain and are ready to evaluate SPC Software, please contact us for a Demo.Software

Incorporating the latest technology, SynergySPC from Zontec is user-friendly and easy-to-implement.



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