Zontec, a time-honored worldwide leader of real-time statistical process control (SPC) software, is rolling out a First Pass Quality Report in the newest release of Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+. This new report is just one of the standout features offered in this Zontec SPC software release. We will gladly schedule a demo so you can see all the new features of this SPC software product release. 

What is First Pass Quality?

Also called first pass yield and first time quality, this is the percentage of good units produced the first time through production without the need for inspection, rework or replacement. This metric measures quality and production performance. It takes all the units produced that don’t require rework and divides them by the total number of units put through the manufacturing process. The resulting percentage is your first pass quality metric. Achieving a high percentage is an important metric to cut costs and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Save Time with the First Pass Quality Report

While the quality calculation is not complex, the time it takes someone to manually calculate it is thoroughly inefficient. It is much more logical to use the new report available in Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ to perform these calculations and effortlessly monitor first pass quality.

Benefits of Measuring First Pass Quality

Once you decide a standard or target for first pass quality within your organization, it is easy to apply this metric as a key performance indicator. This will confirm you are making parts right the first time. By running this report and tracking the measurement, you can find and solve production problems that result in greater than normal scrap rates and increase cost. Quality professionals often report that it is common to see increases in nonconforming quality during manufacturing changeovers and first runs for new parts. Keeping track of the metrics gives quality engineers insight and visibility into the process. Unfortunately, they also have to overcome shortcomings of certain machines that are less efficient due to age or because it is just how the machine runs.

Zontec First Pass Quality Report Summarizes Quality Metrics for an Individual Part

The Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ First Pass Quality Report takes the first pass yield for each characteristic of a part and reports it individually and as a total. This lets a user to quickly see into their production process and diagnose where a problem might be occurring. You can clearly define the report parameters so users see just one set of data. Users select data for this report by specific date range, time frame, and other custom traceability (track and trace) criteria like batch number, line, operator, most recent samples and more. Alternatively, the report is so flexible that you can select a broad data range for your quality calculations. Depending on your needs, users can see data for one or all the part characteristics.

Customizing the report is possible too. You can easily include a company logo for a professional report appearance. Users can save, print and share the First Pass Quality Report per part being produced. We expect this report will become one of your favorite features because it is a simple, fast and reliable way to help measure the quality and the effectiveness of a manufacturing process.

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Zontec develops SPC software that is intuitive and logical without layers of complexity. Improving quality and having visibility into your manufacturing process is just a couple clicks away.  SynergySPC is a Windows-based software making it easy for your entire team to master and use every day. You will improve quality while reducing costs with real-time Zontec SPC software.

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