Final Post: SPC Software That Provides More than ROI Series


With multiple projects vying for your budgetary dollars, you need to scrutinize every purchase you approve. When evaluating SPC software, we believe there are three critical areas you must consider when looking at SPC software:

1. Implementation Time and Return-On-Investment (ROI)
2. Increase in Production Efficiency
3. Improvement in Corporate Profitability

In this three part series, we will discuss each topic in more detail so you can see how these are necessary in your choice of SPC solutions. This final blog will talk about how SPC Software can increase your corporate profits.

3. Improvement in Corporate Profitability

This is a picture of a Quality Magazine article called "Software Brings New Business" about how United Gear and Assembly use Synergy SPC Software to Win New Business.

To download the entire article, simply click on the image pictured.

Many companies are under the assumption that SPC software is primarily for increased efficiency. However, many of our customers say they use Synergy software as a valuable advantage in securing new business. Here is what our customers have to say:

Testing out New Products on Existing Equipment to Win New Business

“We wanted to see how well the mixing equipment was working to create these new products. The data from Synergy justified that our mixing equipment was working to create these products,” said Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks.

Increases Customer Satisfaction, and Optimizes Customer Retention

“When the QARs (Quality Assurance Representatives) come to inspect us, I have all the information they need prepared in packets for them. Sometimes we are asked to send materials directly to the ship yards. These are usually orders with a fast turnaround. Because the data is readily available, we can provide all the documentation quickly along with the products we are shipping out,” remarked Bob Batsche of Carlisle & Finch Co.

Selling Point

”Synergy has become a selling point for us in our customer conversations. We have really streamlined our process. We are more proactive in our decision-making. The software is more operator friendly than how we performed SPC in the past,” remarked Brian Brooks of Domestic Fastener & Forge.

Expand into New Markets

“Synergy has helped us to diversify our customer base into aerospace, medical, defense, communications and computer hardware,” said April Lusk of Trident Precision Manufacturing.

Using Synergy to Win New Business

“I have been in meetings at the customer’s location where we are discussing a new product. Synergy gives us the ability to log into our server, show them the exact machine that would be used to produce the new product, what tolerance the machine is currently running and the capability history of that machine. This type of information shows the customer what they need to see before moving forward. Synergy provides us that edge to win the business,” commented Douglas Winfrey of United Gear and Assembly.


Our goal with this series has been for you to see the many ways an SPC solution can not only pay for itself, but also will continue to do so, decrease your defects and help you win new business. We have used the words of our customers to demonstrate that these benefits are a reality.