Fastco Industries Highlights Their Use of Synergy to Differentiate Themselves in the Marketplace

Fastco Industries Explaining How They Use Synergy SPC Software.

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Brian Kropp, Quality Manager at Fastco Industries Inc. was asked to write about how they use Synergy software for their website. Kropp had commented previously that,

“The program is working well. We are identifying trends, variation in operator measurement techniques etc. on a daily basis!”

Kropp says that,

”Fastco uses Zontec, as an electronic data collection system to record and to track all dimensional readings on all parts produced… The Zontec program is accessible to all operators at key computer terminal locations on the production floor, and is also accessible by all Engineering/Quality & Management representatives at their stations or desks. This allows for high levels of transparency, efficiency, and product status throughout Fastco.”

Here is the URL to their Website:

Danei Edelen Marketing Manager at Zontec said:

“To have customers, in their own words, talk about how they use Synergy as a means to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, we couldn’t be more pleased!”