The Book of Statistical Process Control

The book of Statistical Software Control (SPC)

Zontec wrote The Book of Statistical Process Control (SPC). The book covers what SPC is, what all the various calculations mean, and how you can automate data collection and calculations, as well as charting and reporting to improve your business processes. The book contains concepts such as:

  1. Introductions SPC Thinking
  2. Statistical Distributions
  3. Data Collection & Recording
  4. Problem Solving Techniques
  5. General Concept of Control Charting
  6. Control Charts for Variable Data
  7. Process Capability Studies
  8. Process Capability Charts
  9. Control Chart Analysis
  10. Measurement Errors
  11. Control Charts for Non-Conforming Attributes
  12. Control Charts for the Number of Non-Conformities
  13. Special Charts for Special Applications
  14. Automating Data Collection and Deploying SPC Globally
  15. Getting Started

Zontec wrote this book so that you would have a thorough understanding of Statistical Process Control. We also wanted to give you the basic background of SPC so that you can determine how SPC can help your company reduce downtime, scrap, rework and increase employee productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

“The Book of Statistical Process Control is an excellent primer for understanding how SPC can be used to identify, reduce and control variation in processes”—George Kloos, DRT Mfg.

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