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What Software Will Automate With SynergySPC, Statistical Process Control Software?

The Zontec SynergySPC software suite is robust and flexible allowing it to automate SPC data collection with enterprise resource planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), CMM, PLC, Vision System and many other platforms.
Selecting the easiest integration and best statistical process control (SPC) software package is less complicated if you start by defining your needs and understanding how you want to configure the SPC software within your organization. If you consider the level of support you typically receive from your IT department and then answer the following questions you will be one step closer to automating the collection of  quality measurement data with statistical process control software in your organization.

Do you want quality data sent first to the Synergy SPC software or to your ERP/MES system?

If you answer ERP/MES, the Zontec Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and Multi-Function Toolbox provide options for data integration with your system.

If you answer Synergy SPC software, the Zontec plug and play Multi-Function Toolbox is the best solution.

Do you have support from your IT department? Is it easy to schedule time with your IT department?

With support from your IT department, our bi-directional DLL tool is a great way to integrate and automate SPC software. The ability to make requests to and get responses from the software platforms requires your IT department to create some script language using a series of function calls that we provide.

If you do not get IT support when you need it, then provided you can generate a CSV or TXT files, our Multi-Function Toolbox is the quick and easy way to move forward. No need to involve your IT department in this solution.

Do you use CMM/PLC/VISION SYSTEMS in your operation?

If yes, data transfer is easy. The only installation you need is the Zontec Multi-Function Toolbox to transfer data from the machine to Synergy software to automate your data collection.

The Zontec Multi-function Toolbox works as soon as it is connected.

The Multi-function Toolbox is an easy-to-use utility program for transferring data. It is a complete module that requires no additional programming or software customization. Once the external data is transferred into the Synergy software application, it is immediately available for statistical process control charting, analysis, monitoring or reporting.

The Toolbox is designed for:

  • Automating data collection activities
  • Data integration with ERP, MES, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Supervisory
  • Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems and many other applications
  • Data migration
  • Interconnectivity with multi-vendor hardware platforms and process control devices
  • Minimizing repetitive setup routines

Speak to one of our experts who can get you acquainted with SPC Software.