Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc. (DFFI) is in the June issue of Fastener Technology International about Using SPC Software to Gain New Customers

A photo of an operator at Domestic Fastener & Forge Inc. (DFFI) using Synergy 1000 SPC software.

An operator at Domestic Fastener and Forge Inc. (DFFI) using Synergy 1000 SPC software.

In the article Brian Brooks, VP of Operations for DFFI, says that, the Synergy Statistical Process Control (SPC) software really shines when it comes to customer audits. For the military DFFI must be certified every two years. Now, they provide SPC on all commercial and government jobs.

“Synergy SPC software has really become a selling point for us in our customer conversations,” said Brooks. “We have really streamlined our process. We are more proactive in our decision-making. The software is more operator friendly than how we performed SPC in the past.”

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