Selecting a SPC software vendor is a decision that starts with need determination and purchase approval. The nest step is very important and includes learning about the SPC software features and benefits. The best way to do this is to review whitepapers, participate in an assessment and demonstration of the software and then finalize the specifications that you need to move your business to the next level.  Zontec makes an eBook and whitepapers available at no charge that articulates what companies should expect from their SPC Software vendor. These materials cover the following prerequisites that are vital for the smooth integration of SPC Software into your environment:

How Synergy Software Benefits Your Business

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• A Product Tailored for Your Business

Often times, companies’ supply a one size fits all solution, which does not take into account the needs of different size companies. At Zontec, we offer a full suite of products that meet the needs of a single user system to a global enterprise.

“We selected Zontec because they were one step ahead of where our customers were going. We thought the Synergy software would be a very user-friendly package and that Zontec was willing to develop a relationship with a company of Trident’s size,” said April Lusk of Trident Precision Manufacturing.

• Easy to Setup so You Can Realize a Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

How fast can you implement the SPC Solution, determines how quickly you achieve your forecasted ROI, minimize production interruption, and begin to make process improvements. Depending upon the product, customers have reported to us achieving their expected ROI anywhere from a few months to a matter of weeks.

“The product is easy to use, easy to setup. The day after we bought the product, we started putting in data,” commented Kim Marquis, of Polymerics.

• Seamlessly Integrates Into Your Production Environment

Zontec offers numerous tools to help you automate data collection into your Synergy product. These tools make this SPC data instantly available in real-time regardless of location.

“Because everything is in real-time, I can go into their [sister location] files, chart it and see for myself how they are running,” remarked Heidi Beaver of Portage Plastics.

• Delivers Extensive Reporting for All Users

All users, whether you are an operator, manager or engineer, have unique reporting requirements from their SPC system. Operators need the ability to prevent errors before they occur, managers need to monitor processes remotely, and engineers need to access all stages of the supply chain globally.

“From first inspection to final inspection, Synergy has helped us because operators can easily enter the information and if there is a problem, they can see that on the chart. We have seen the part inspection time reduced by 50 percent using Synergy,” said Bob Batsche of Carlisle & Finch Co.

• Reduces Downtime, Scrap Rate, and Rework

Production downtime, rework and scrap costs manufacturers’ money. Whether it is through lost production time, through wasted personnel time, or not meeting customer deadlines, manufacturers need SPC software that prevents errors before they occur during the production process.

“We are able to daily monitor critical characteristics in an effective, real-time, proactive manner and predict if the processes or the tools are trending towards going out-of-control,” remarked Aditya Deshpande of Cumberland Plastics.

• Enables Customers to Develop New Products

One benefit often overlooked is that a good SPC software system can not only prevent errors, but show if a new product offering is viable with existing equipment.

“Using the data from Synergy, we can estimate if we can maintain quality requirements for new products,” commented Ted Black of A.P. Plasman-Windsor Plant.

• Provides a Global View of Your Entire Supply Chain

Especially for corporations, suppliers and remote locations are often located worldwide, but they need real-time access to SPC supplier data before it comes to their production facility. Because of the complexity of today’s products, production facilities also need to ensure that the product they are shipping to sister locations is within specification. Without this real-time SPC data, corporations can incurr losses related to wasted production time, time and shipping costs related to replacement parts, and penalties incurred by delays to customers.

“Synergy software gave us the tools to better measure and analyze the quality of the plating we were receiving using SPC data. This gave us the definitive objective measurements in real-time, to improve quality from our suppliers. Being able to reliably collect data facilitates communication between MASS and its supplier base,” said Dan Heimann of MASS Precision.


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