Behind your labor force, your assets are the workhorses of your business. Can you afford for equipment to fail? What if you could accurately predict the behavior of your production machines? Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) software data, you can do just that.

With the SPC data you collect, you can determine the lifecycle of your machines.

“We can budget our tool life management more accurately and effectively based on SPC data,” said Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear And Assembly.

Using SPC software data, you can also compare the efficiency of your machines.

“We run product on several machines; with Synergy 2000 we can compare a machine’s capability which gives us the least variation and best product. We can see inconsistencies and make systematic changes across the entire process; we can see data points for all products, regardless of machine and resolve inconsistencies for all processes,” said Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear And Assembly.

SynergySPC’s fully compliant SPC can give you control of the machines. Give us 2 weeks to show you the stability and capability of your processes and put the power of data in your hands.

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You can also test out how your machines will perform making new products.

“We wanted to see how well the mixing equipment was working to create these new products. The data from Synergy 1000 justified that our mixing equipment was able to create these products,” said Roth Gonzales, Process Improvement Manager at Sahale Snacks.

You can also use SPC data to convince customers to use your plant to make new products.

“I have been in meetings at the customer’s location where we are discussing a new product. Synergy 2000 gives us the ability to log into our server, show them the exact machine that would be used to produce the new product, what tolerance the machine is currently running and the capability history of that machine. This type of information shows the customer what they need to see before moving forward. Synergy provides us that edge to win the business,” said Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear And Assembly.

At SynergySPC, we believe that in today’s environment, you need to leverage every resource available in every possible way to help you gain a competitive edge. Using your SPC data to manage the lifecycle of your machines is one means of doing so. Where did this idea come from? From our customers.