Here are some of the benefits our customers have shared with us about using Cloud computing with SPC software:

This is the first page of the White Paper Entitled: How Synergy SPC Software Utilizes Cloud Computing in Your Enterprise1. Increased Operator Productivity

“We have found the software to be easy-to-use and straightforward. Using Synergy, we are easily able to train our junior operators who do not have any SPC experience,” said Fedele D’Alessandro of LMPsrl.

2. Reduce Errors in Production Process Regardless of Location

“The thing I like about Synergy is the speed at which you get the data. At the manager level I really appreciate that you can pinpoint emerging problems in the system and prevent them from becoming external problems at a sister plant location,” commented Ted Black of Acme Aerospace.

3. Data Entered and Monitored Worldwide so You Can Instantly Review It

“In 2012, we began to use the Web Operator and the Web Manager applications with our sister companies in China and Bulgaria as well as with our main suppliers,” remarked Fedele D’Alessandro of LMPsrl.

4. Increased Supplier Management

“Synergy software gave us the tools to better measure and analyze the quality of the plating we were receiving using SPC data. This gave us the definitive objective measurements, in real-time, to improve quality from our suppliers. Being able to reliably collect data facilitates communication between MASS and its supplier base,” commented Dan Heimann of MASS Precision.

5. Enhanced Reporting

“One of the things we really like about the Synergy and its enhanced reporting capabilities is that now we are able create the required FDA reports to see how we are operating in real-time,” remarked Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.

Would you like learn more about how Cloud computing can increase visibly into your SPC data across your entire supply chain?  See SPC Software Whitepapers to download this document.