Many companies today are working leaner than ever. This means those still working need to be as efficient as possible.


Research shows that manufacturing facilities that experience downtime costs them an average of $100,000.

Cost of Poor Quality

Research shows that Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) can range from 15 to 40 percent of business costs, e.g., rework, returns / complaints, reduced service levels, & lost revenue
Most businesses don’t know what poor quality cost them because they don’t keep reliable statistics

Customer Recalls

Typically, the cost to eliminate a failure in the customer phase is 5X greater than it is at the development or manufacturing phase

(Source: “reprinted from ‘ASQ Seminar=Cost of Quality’ by Dr. Jack B. ReVelle”)

So the question is not can you afford SPC software, but rather can you afford not to utilize SPC software?

Metrics Necessary to Measure Your Success

With any Quality initiative, be it Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma, Synergy SPC software provides you with the metrics needed to document your success. Synergy software helps establish baseline as of today, track your improvements live, notify you electronically when something goes out-of-control or out-of-specification, simplify audits, allow you to instantly respond to customer requests and help you secure current and win new business.


Tailored for Your Business

Whether you are looking to leverage SPC for the first time or to equip numerous plants worldwide, the Synergy SPC software has a full suite of products to meet the needs of all sized companies.

Budgetary Flexibility

Regardless of where you are in the budgetary process, Zontec has flexible terms and will work with you so the right product is purchased and operational as soon as possible.

Grow with Your Business

As your company grows, Synergy SPC can expand with you. If a service agreement customer decides to upgrade to the next level of the Synergy product suite, they can through our 100% Investment Retention program. They are credited their original purchase price towards the next level of the Synergy product. They will be able to access all their previous data in the new product, minimizing production interruption.

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