The Case Against SPC Software

The Case Against SPC Software

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Wait, what? It seems something strange for an SPC software provider to assert.  While it still has it’s place and seems to still be the preferred (and necessary) approach for many companies, having software installed in-house on dozens, if not, hundreds of workstations is gradually becoming passé.  Instead the need for conventional “software” as we have know it is being replaced by cloud based applications.  We all need to be prepared.

Cloud SPC is Here

Cloud based applications have altered both our business and personal lives.  They’ve changed how we pay bills, generate sales, track accounting, file taxes, manage inventory, and many other tasks.  With the recent launch of a Synergy “true cloud SPC” solution the decision process for adopting SPC has changed. These are 4 questions you should ask as you choose installed software vs. cloud SPC. Read more

Checking Your SPC Software’s Background

It’s important to know exactly who is providing your SPC software and what their experience is.

Checking Your SPC Software's Background

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When considering the importance of compliant SPC software and adhering to SPC methodology and rules we thought we’d provide something actionable if you have been considering implementing or improving SPC.  To that point, it’s clear that you have to feel that your SPC software is supported by an expert, seasoned, and credible team. Read more

Designing Six Sigma? You’ll Need Compliant SPC Software

Good SPC Implementation is Essential to Six Sigma

Compliant SPC Software

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It’s hard to overstate the importance of compliant SPC software and adhering to SPC methodology and rules. Knowing the importance of methodology and rules adherence to the bottom line of your business and the potentially ruinous consequences of non-compliance, how do you vet potential solutions? Read more

The Consequences of Non-compliant SPC Software


Choosing an SPC software solution that violates SPC methodology and rules WILL negatively impact your efforts to improve processes and products.  

Consequences of Non-compliant SPC software

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Each and every important decision we are faced with needs to be based on a true and accurate representation of the facts. If decisions are based on questionable interpretation, the consequences can be significant. Choosing an SPC software solution, as a partner in your business, should be no different. The consequences of non-compliant SPC software has to be considered. Don’t fall victim to a solution that contains outdated technology or has been over promised. Your decision should be based on choosing a current solution that is rooted in strong SPC fundamentals, methodologies and applies SPC rules correctly. Read more

The Importance of Adhering to SPC Methodology and Rules

Adhering to SPC Methodology and Rules

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Adhering to SPC Methodology and Rules

One could argue that non-compliance with methodology and rules should be a deal-breaker for choosing and SPC software.

Many (most?) businesses today are running lean. Individuals are now doing jobs that required multiple personnel in the past, including those in Quality. Each day is spent putting out fires, dealing with suppliers, customers, auditors, upper management, and now you’re tasked with finding the ideal Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that is right for your business. Understanding the fundamental rules and methodology of SPC, items to look for, warning signs to be aware of, and the importance in choosing the right SPC software solution is key. If the wrong decision is made, the consequences may negatively affect your business and those you do business with for years to come. Read more